Just quit using Cocaine, Breast Aug scheduled 1 week from now, do I need to worry about the Anesthia?

26 year old female. trying very hard to quit smoking (taking chantix) just started i am still smoking about 3 ciggerttes a day. also just stoped using cocaine this morning. have been a frequent user for a year 1/2. I used it every day but not a lot.recently had a ekg everything was normal, my surgery is august 17th this month,surgeon is a friend of family cannot tell him parents think i stooped last month. am i able to have the surgery still? what are the complications_please Help! Thanks:)

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Drug use and surgery

It is imperative that you discuss your entire history with your board certified anesthesiologist and your board certified plastic surgeon.  Your health and recovery are dependent on honesty. Keep in mind that HIPAA regulations are in place however If you feel you can not be honest with your surgeon, choose another one. Best wishes!

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Potentially dangerous

I would VERY STRONGLY recommend that you not proceed with your surgery due to the recent cocaine use. In my practice I would ask that you be off of the drug for AT LEAST 1 month, otherwise, you can have potentially dangerous issues come up during surgery.  It's very important to discuss your history honestly with your surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Do not keep medical secrets from your surgeon !

Do not proceed with your surgery as you are at marked increased risks of complications from both recent use of cocaine and ongoing nicotine use. You need to have medical clearance at a minimum from the anesthesiologist who needs to know of this history, and need to be off both cocaine and nicotine for months prior to elective surgery. I also strongly recommend that you are candid with your surgeon and never hold back medical details that could affect your health. There is a sacred patient physician relationship restricting him from sharing any of your medical information. Of interest is that you are worried about keeping this a secret yet posted your face pictures on this posting despite considering a breast surgery.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Good job on stopping the cocaine use.  It will clear your system fairly quickly, but the long-term effects of using it for the past 18 months, may impact the anesthesiologist's assessment prior to your surgery.  Cigarettes may actually have an even larger impact on your surgery date- you should really be cigarette free for at least 2-3 weeks prior to surgery because of the complications associated with cigarette use.  The doctor and anesthesiologist are both bound by HIPAA and your health is more important than disappointing your parents.  I'm sure they'd be more disappointed if something happened to you during surgery.  Good luck!

Paul G. Ruff IV, MD, FACS
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Just quit using Cocaine, Breast Aug scheduled 1 week from now, do I need to worry about the Anesthia?

You need a FULL discussion with your chosen surgeon and anesthiologist before entertaining this operation. It is your life and health that is a concern. I would delay your surgery for a few months so you are TOTALLY "clean"!

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Cocaine use before Breast Augmentation - Beware

For safety reasons it is very good that you have stopped using Cocaine.  However, I would suggest delaying your surgery until you have been off of the Cocaine for at least a couple of months.  If you still decide to go forward with the surgery, I would highly recommend being honest with your anesthesiologist and telling them when you last used Cocaine.

J. Gregory Kjar, M.D.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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Cocaine use and anesthesia for cosmetic surgery - beware.

Please discuss your use of cocaine and any other medications/drugs with your surgeon and anesthesia provider. This conversation should take place well in advance of your surgical procedure so that all of your health care providers are 'on board'. 

Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Cocaine and Plastic Surgery

I am glad that you quit using cocaine and that you are open about it.  The most important thing is for you to discuss this openly with your surgeon and the anesthesiologist so they can ensure that it is safe for you to have surgery.  As for confidentiality, they are bound by HIPAA regulations to keep everything confidential. 


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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I'm sure you realize that both the cocaine and the cigarettes are dangerous to your health.  It sounds like you're maing a serious effort to quit.  Keep it up!  Most important is to be honest with your doctors and especially the anesthesiologist.  Frequent cocaine use requires different anesthesia for your procedure.

Donald W. Kress, MD, FACS
Frederick Plastic Surgeon
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Drug use before surgery

I strongly suggest you let your surgeon and anesthesia person know about the drugs, alcohol or other medications you had been or are still using for your own safety. Precautions can be taken if known in advance. It is for your own safety. due to hippa rules, that information can not be shared without your permission.

Rick Rosen, MD
Norwalk Plastic Surgeon
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