Dent at inframammary incision? (Photo)

I am 8 days post op and feeling good. However my only real concern is the denting where my incision is. It feels like maybe the stitches are tied to my ribs or something so my implants are not able to Drop? I have viewed many other people's post op pics and have never noticed it. The implants seem to be coming down but the incisions are pushed up and indented. I just am worried about a permanent deformity. Please help!

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Flattened incisions after augmentation

can occur with how it was sutured.  Surgeons have their routines and some suture the deeper tissue down to the chest wall to minimize bottoming out or migration of your fold downwards.  Those that do it, including your own, should be able to provide you the reassurances you desire as they will also be on the hook if it doesn't smooth out with time.  So ask your surgeon, focus on healing, and when your photos are done, critique your shape and incision and if still flattened, you should ask your surgeon about fixes.

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Dents at Incisions


You are looking perfect.  Those dents are there because of sutures that are supporting the incisions, preventing premature implant incursion. With time, they will round out.  Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Early postoperative breast problems

It's best to bring this problem to the attention of your surgeon.  Most problems like this resolve with just conservative treatment, but your surgeon can best assess the situation.

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Thank you for the photos and question but try to be patient.  The dent should resolve with time but express your concerns to your surgeon

Dr Corbin

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Dent at breast crease

Thanks for your question and photos. The best person to discuss your concerns with is your surgeon. Only they know how they closed you and with what type of sutures. This may be "normal" for your surgeon. With that said, if absorbable sutures were used, this dent should go away in a few months. Good luck. 

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Dent at inframammary incision? (Photo)

The "dent" may simply be a deeper stitch that will relax with time. Best to ask your operating surgeon so he or she can properly explain to you the technique that he or she used. Good luck!

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Dent at inframammary incision?

Congratulations on your breast augmentation.  You are very early in recovery and I would expect that the tightness in the inframammary crease will resolve with time.  However the best person to call me or fares and anterior question is your plastic surgeon.  Please contact the office for an appointment at in the exam.

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