Is PRP for the face effective, and does it have side effects?

I want to know every thing about PRP therapy !!! i`m 37 years old ... every body says that i look so tired by looking to my face and ...i have some pigmentation on my face ... i went to doctor and used so many creams but with no reasults ... i read alot about PRP therapy ... but i really wanna know is it usefull !!! and is there any side effects !!!! i really wanna have a glowing face .... ( PS ; excuse my english language )

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PRP Facial

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Hello Rana,

Yes I do believe PRP therapy for your face will help with your skin pigmentation as well as give you that youthful glow you are after. There are little to no side effects because we are using your own blood. You can expect some bruising or see that your face will be red after your treatment. I have done this procedure many times with very satisfied patients. Please do your homework to be sure you are getting someone that has specialized in PRP therapy, in your area. If you follow the link below you can see before and after pictures of the Vampire Facial at the bottom of that web page.

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