Is this rosacea or something else? (photo)

I've had this redness for nearly 2 weeks. It randomly came &covered my entire cheek, my other cheek also has this but at less severity. This area is also dry, but there is no itching or irritation which cancels out allergic reaction, skin feels hot. I've been applying hydrocortisone & it's making it worse. I have NOT changed my skincare, Only difference is its gotten cooler, but thats never impacted my skin. One other thing, I do have rosacea, could it be rosacea spreading? It happened overnight

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Rosacea vs steroid induced rosacea vs others- see a Dermatologist.

Rosacea is very complex and a tailored treatment program give the best results. A more detailed history and examination is needed. If this is acute- ie. happened overnight and present for 2 weeks only, it is hard to say if it is rosacea or steroid induced rosacea- please see a general dermatologist for an option .

There are many types of rosacea (telengtctatic or capillaries, flushing and redness, acne like rosacea, ocular rosacea and even rhinophyma rosacea.)

To add to the complexity, everyone has different flare factors- Sunlight, stress, foods, chemical irritants, creams, changes in temperature, alcohol. The list goes on. 

A detailed history, together with a treatment tailored according to YOUR type of rosacea will give the best results. As a guide, I use a combination of -

1. Lasers ( to treat redness, broken capillaries, rhinophyma, flushing)- best laser is the V BEAM. IPL can be used, but usually not as effective. Laser toning using the long pulse Nd Yag at 1064 can help with background redness. 

2. Creams - anti inflammatory

3. Tablets -anti - inflammatory and sometimes low dose Vitamin A. 

4. For females- Mineral make up is recommend, over make up that contains parabens. 

For the best results, consult a dermatologist for both medical and laser treatment options. 

Kind regards.

Dr Davin S. Lim.

Laser Dermatologist.

Brisbane, Australia. 

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Rosacea -- ProYellow Laser, Pulsed Dye/Vbeam, Excel V ; combine with clear + brilliant and microneedling

Redness can be treated with lasers this may be blushing, keratosis pilaris rubra faceii, or rosacea.  Please see an expert for evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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