How Long Does It Take for You to Get Your Blood Levels Back Up?

i'm booked for the 2nd of nov for a tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift surgery. i'm supposed to be having my blood test done on friday and it takes 2 weeks for it to come back. if it came back low eg: iron how long should i postpone my trip for to get my level's back up?

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Blood test low hb. takes a week to correct by oral or injections/ anemia tratarla lleva 1 semana mediante tabs o inyecciones

yes it would take 1 week to treat low blood cells  account ( anemia) trough a double scheme by oral and injection corrections medicines.

in order to avoid  any sudden problem i would  rather choose if blood test is ok, i always take 1 week before one complete blood unit in my blood banck and i keep it there until  surgery arrives and put the same unit during surgery, patients feels  much better after  surgery and recoveery is faster.

se llevaria una semana tratar  una anemia antes de l cualquier operacion mediante  inyeciones y tratamiento oral. sin embargo desde hace muchos años y cuando es una operacion muy sangrante siempre le tomo al paciente 1 unidad de sangre total para autotransfusion una semana  previa a su operacion y se la vuelvo a poner el dia de su operacion y el paciente se recupera mucho mas rapido

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How Long Does It Take for You to Get Your Blood Levels Back Up?

It usually takes 3 weeks before the blood count starts to rise, and two month or more for it to return to an acceptable level, depending upon numerous factors, include how low the counts are to start. 

If it is low, your risk of getting a transfusion is significantly increased. I don't think I would want to take that risk especially in a foreign country about whose blood banking procedures I know little. 

Thanks and best wishes. 

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