How long should you wait to have a microcurrent treatment after a Botox injection?

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Microcurrent facial treatments after Botox

Botox injections are fabulous for treating the wrinkles around the forehead and around the eyes.  After waiting a few days you can proceed with any other facial injection or treatment.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist who has a great deal of experience with Botox and facial injections.

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Microcurrent facial treatments after Botox

Miss Lofty,

While I am not implying that microcurrent facial treatments are safe and effective, there is no reason that they need to be avoided after Botox treatments. However, swelling may limit current passage, so waiting a day or two may be prudent in the areas of Botox injection.  I hope that this helps.

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Microcurrent and Botox injections

You may have microcurrent 24 hours after receiving Botox injections. This is more than enough time after having the Botox to safely have a procedure.

K. Renee Hamlet, MD
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Activities following Botox injection

Dear Miss Lofty:

I advise my patients to wait 1 hour or longer prior to bending or physical activities and 24 hours prior to any massage or facial procedures following the injection of Botox.

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How long after botox injection can procedures done on the face?

It is generally recommended to wait 24 hours after botox injection before doing any facial procedure.

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Treatment after Botox

At least 24 hours.  Early manipulation of the face risks migration of the Botox and complication.

Mark E. Crispin, MD
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Microcurrent treatment after Botox

We recommend not having any facial treatments for 24 hours after Botox. After that, you are fine to do any facials, microcurrents, etc.

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I would recommend waiting 24 hours post Botox injection before any manipulation to the face.

I would recommend waiting 24 hours post Botox injection before any manipulation to the face.

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