How to Get Exotic Eyes if You Have Round Eyes?

What would be a the best option to get almond eyes? temporal brow lift or a lateral canthoplasty?

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How to get exotic eyes


Be careful what you wish for.  You might miss your old eyes if you don't get your desired look.  Technically to make a rounded eye look more almond shaped a lateral canthoplasty is maybe enough if you have laxity or looseness of your lower eyelids and lateral canthal tendon.  If you do not have enough laxity you would need to get support of the lower eyelid by performing a soof lift with a possible spacer graft.  That will raise the lower lid into a higher position, the angle is then reformed.  So It depends what you are presenting with.

Good luck

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Accomplishing this can be disappointing.


The reality is that well meaning surgeons can create profound harm to your appearance and sense of well being by these seemingly simple procedures.  The first step is an actual consultation by a highly qualified surgeon.  The important thing is to have a personal assessment and a realistic discussion about what your goals are and what can be accomplished and the risks, alternatives and likelihood of success.

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Almond eyes

The answer depends on your eye shape, ethnicity, and age.  In short, lateral canthoplasty can give the desired result.  You need a consult to determine what bests fits your needs.

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Lateral canthoplasty is the best method to achieve almond shaped eyes

A lateral canthoplasty is likely the best method to achieve a more almond shaped appearance to the eye.

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