Do my implants look flat on the top?

Prior to surgery I was a size 34 DD with saggy long brest. I emphasised to my PS that I wanted round breast with upper pole fullness. I did not want a long slope or my breast to be flat on the top. We settled on 450 cc high profile implants. However I do not think they are round and I feel they still look long and flat on the top. They still look a little saggy Also, my nipple was lost during the surgery. Does the right one look flat and deflated?

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Breast Shape

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Thank you for your question. You are still early in the recovery phase of your procedure. It is very difficult to determine the end result as there is still a considerable amount of swelling at this time point. Keep on course and follow your Plastic Surgeon's recommendations. Best of luck!

Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

More healing time needed before mastopexy-aug results can be judged

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it is way too early to assess results of this will take a few months at least. see your surgeon regularly and discuss your concerns but you should expect to hear that the healing from this procedure takes quite awhile and patience is needed.

Bruce K. Barach, MD
Schenectady Plastic Surgeon
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Do my implants look flat on the top?

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Comparing the before to afters I think for result is very good. And with the N/A complication I recommend leave everything alone... 

Great result

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Thank you for your picture and question.

A high profile implant will provide a round look, much more so than a moderate profile implant. I think you have a good result, and you need to give the healing process more time. Give it 6 months. If needed, a small revision can be done to tighten the lower pole of the breast.
Congrats on your surgery!!

Too early to pass judgment on mastopexy with implants.

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There is still a lot of heaing to do.  Swelling will obscure the final result and you will need to wait for resolution before becoming too concerned.

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