I have just had an alarplasty procedure done yesterday, in Thailand and the results so far look ok, but the the surgeon used soluble sutures. I have heard these should only be used for internal purposes as they can leave greater scarring than removable sutures. I really want to minimize any scarring as this is my face! I am due a follow up appointment with the surgeon in 5 days time before I leave thailand to come back to the UK. Do you think I should ask the doctor to remove my stitches then?

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Dissolving sutures for alar base reduction

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Dissolving sutures are OK in the alae and columella and typically heal just as well as removable sutures

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You should do what your surgeon recommends.  You chose your surgeon for a reason and it best to use the surgeon's advice and experience to your advantage.  Perhaps your surgeon is planning on removing the sutures during your appointment anyway.  


Good Luck.

Suture removal aftersurgery

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Some absorbable sutures are fine and dissolve in a week or so. They are used on the outside. Thicker sutures need to be removed after a week to avoid suture marks.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dissolvable stitches are ok for alarplasty

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 IMHO, you placed your trust in the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your alarplasty, so let the surgeon do what he/she does best and do not break the routine. 

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Prematurely removing the sutures may lead to the scar widening. Express your concern to your surgeons and have him make that ass

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 Express your concern to your surgeons and have him make that assessment.

Make sure you clean the suture line daily  and apply scar fading ointment to allow the incision to heal well.

Kofi Boahene, MD
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