Alarplasty 5mm Removed? (photo)

Hello!! i had alar sill excision two weeks ago. The doctor said he removed 5mm from each side but when i look at my nose now i really don't notice that much of width reduced.. i thought 5mm from each side is perfect to make nostrils small and obviously less wide.. here are some pictures the nurse took me. Is this really the result of 5mm skin removal?? or will it imrpove with time ? will nose shrinks with less swelling? For the moment it is still this wide.Please tell me your opinions.thank you !

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Post Sill Incisions for Wide Nasal Base

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I think you need to give it some more time to allow proper healing. At this point in the recovery process you are undoubtedly still seeing some degree of swelling from the actual procedure. With time and scar conctracture this area should improve steadily. You are right that 5 mm of excision on each side should provide a nice change for you. Happy healing.

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