Can I Have a Second Alar Base Reduction to Correct Uneven Nostril Sizes After the First One? (photo)

I have alar base reduction done 2-3 weeks ago resulted in very uneven nose. I am very unhappy about the results and wondering whether I can undergo a second alar base resection for left nostril only , with the hope to make the sizes of my nostrils less uneven. Is it more difficult to operate again as there is already scar tissue formed? I should be extremely grateful if someone can recommend a rhinoplastic surgeon who is experienced in performing this kind of revision surgery .Many Thanks!

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Alar base reduction

A revision will always be a bit more difficult than a primary procedure.  It is possible to perform a touch up on one side to help make the nostrils appear more symmetrical. You will want to wait at least 6 months before having any revision work performed to your ala. 2-3 weeks is still very soon after your procedure, and it will be necessary to give it some time before making any decisions. Thanks and best of luck!

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Ethnic - African American Rhinoplasty Alar Base Reduction

Alar base reductions are notoriously difficult in the Ethnic population. There is always some asymmetry of the nostrils even before the surgery so asymmetry after the surgery can become more noticeable. Your asymmetry is not that bad and correction can make things worse. That said the pics you posted are not that clear so it's difficult to give you good advice.

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Alar base reduction surgery

Sorry to learn that you are unhappy about your surgery. The photo you provided show mild asymmetry. Now, you are only three weeks out. It would too early to determine the outcome. I suggest you wait for at least 9 months before thinking about any revision surgery. Communicate your concerns with your plastic surgeon and keep your follow up appointments.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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