Is sub facial the same as above the muscle ?

Hi, are their only two choices of implant positioning ? Thank you for answering.

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Subfascial and submuscular

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The subfascial augmentation lifts the fascia (tough tissue envelope) over the front of the pectoralis muscle
It puts the implant in this pocket.
I have tried this approach - it is essentially a subglandular approach because the fascia has no give and most of the implant ends up utside the fascia and under the gland.
The appearance is that of a subglandular implant but --
surgery hurts as much as the subpectoral approach - I see no benefit in its use.
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Subfascial breast augmentation is the same as above the muscle

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Yes, a subfascial breast augmentation is above the chest muscle.  Many plastic surgeons feel that subfascial breast augmentation has few or no advantages to sub-glandular breast augmentation.  Sub-muscular breast augmentation places the implant beneath the chest muscle.  Subfascial attempts to elevate a skin layer of fascia off of the muscle to provide additional coverage when the implant is placed beneath the breast.

Sub fascial is not the same as submuscular when it comes to breast augmentation

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An implant placed submuscular or under the pectoralis muscle is deep to the fascia the fascia lies on top of the muscle. Some plastic surgeon like to place the implant in the sub fascias  plane which is above the muscle but is still not subglandular.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Subfascial Breast Augmentation

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Subfascial breast augmentation is an above the muscle procedure. The fascia is a thin layer of tissue right on top of the muscle. In traditional subglandular augmentations, the fascia is left in place and the implant is on top of it. In subfascial augmentation, the implant is under the fascia but above the muscle. There are some who think that subfascial augmentation is preferable to subglandular , especially for capsular contracture, but newer studies show no difference in capsular contracture rates between the two placements.

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