Possible to completely remove big tattoo outline?

I recently decided to get a half sleeve tattoo and instantly regret it. It is only the outline but is significant in size. Can this ever be removed completely with little to no scarring? Also, how many sessions does it usually take to get rid of a tattoo that is my size? The outline is black.

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Tattoo laser removal

Sorry that you already regret your tattoo.  Tattoo removal is accomplished over several treatments. I advise that treatments be performed every 5-6 weeks and that it should be seen as a year-long process.  The tattoo gradually fades over time with each treatment.  The fact that it is not filled in completely will make the process smoother.  The fewer colors that are included in the tattoo makes it easier.

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A black outline is usually the easiest type of tattoo to remove with laser.

Removing a black outline tattoo is usually an easier type of tattoo to remove depending on the depth and amount of ink in the outline. A 1064nm Q-Switched or PicoSecond  Nd:YAG laser or a 755 PicoSecond laser is probably the most effective laser to remove a black outline tattoo.

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Removal of outline on tattoo

Hello,  The answer to your question is yes.  There are several different devices out there that are used for tattoo removal.  The newest technology is the PicoWay laser by Syneron/Candela.  It is pico-second technology.  The technology allows the removal of ink in fewer sessions than the Q-switch lasers, with less discomfort, and less chances of complications.  Check in your market area for this technology. Either way, it will require multiple treatments to rid the skin of unwanted ink.  The laser shatters ink into tiny particles and make it easier for the body to clear the tattoo ink.
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