Treatment for Age Spots on Legs?

My legs have large areas with ugly age spots. I am a young 80 (I look like 60), size 8, and very active. What can I do about my legs? Any age spot removal treatments?

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Laser treatments for age spots on the legs

Hi Barbie Doll,

We remove age spots in this area with a q-switched laser treatments (the Medlite C6 laser to be exact). The reason we believe strongly in q-switched laser treatments vs. other removal techniques like freezing the spots off is that we can permanently remove epidermal (surface) spots with these laser treatments.

Using high energy q-switched lasers allows us to destroy the cells that carry the pigment associated with age spots. These cells regenerate without the memory of the pigment that caused the age spots. With that noted, if your spots look at all suspicious, have them evaluated by a physician first as we have had several patients over the years come in with skin cancer when they thought they had age spots.

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