What are the main differences of Fractional CO2 laser and Fraxel® laser?

I am 59, with sun damage and deep wrinkles to my face forehead and neck. I am looking at these procedures. Also, there is a huge discrepancy in costs. Thank you

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Fraxel and Fraxel CO2

Fraxel is a brand of lasers which are all CO2 based.   The Fraxel Dual is gentler and used for pigmentation and acne scars.  The Fraxel Restore is a much more aggressive version of the CO2 laser.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience in lasers and Fraxel for the best cosmetic results.

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Types of Fraxel Treatments

Fraxel is a name brand, and has several versions:
1. Fraxel- Non-Ablative (non-wounding):
a)Dual: Effectively targets tone, texture and more superficial signs of aging, actinic keratosis and pigment
b)Restore: Penetrates deep into the skin layers, specifically targeting concerns such as wrinkles or acne scarring
2. Fraxel Co2- Ablative (wounding):
a)Repair 600m: Treats fine lines, age spots and sun spots
b)Repair 135m: Used to target deeper wrinkles, tighten skin and remove years from your appearance
If you have sun damage and deep wrinkles I would suggest Fraxel Repair 135m to face and 600m to neck. Both versions are Co2 but the 135m goes deeper so it is more appropriate for the face. There is a big price difference because the different technologies have different costs associated with them and also thenon-ablative procedures require multiple treatments to be most effective.Consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist to see which option would be best for your skin type.

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What are the main differences of Fractional CO2 laser and Fraxel® laser?

Fraxel is the name of a company that makes many lasers.  Fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing is a procedure that can be accomplished with many different brands of lasers, including Fraxel.  The surgeon is more important than the company that makes the laser.

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Fraxel repair (Fractionated CO2 laser) Versus Fraxel restore Laser for Sun Damage and Deep Wrinkles

Hi Tina,

Fraxel repair is a fractionated CO2 ablative (removes skin by vaporization) while Fraxel restore is a non-ablative erbium laser.  Fraxel repair (CO2 fractionated) is a much more effective laser for rejuvenation of older sun damaged skin.  Fractionated CO2 lasers best treat wrinkles improved the tone, texture, and color of the skin.  The discrepancy in cost is related to the fact that Fraxel repair requires much more effort in treating the patient.  Choose your laser physician most carefully.  Good luck and be well.

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