How to Keep Lumineers White?

After You Have Lumineer's, How Do You Keep Them White?

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How To Keep Lumineers White

Lumineers are less stain resistant than your traditional porcelain veneers.  In addition, they have a shorter life span than traditional veneers.  Try to stay away from all liquids that have a propensity to stain your teeth.  You can brush like you do with natural teeth and be sure to floss between them at least once a day to keep your gum tissues healthy.  Not all cases are good candidates for Lumineers, so make sure that your case fits the criteria for a nice, natural aesthetic result. 

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Keeping Lumineers white

Just brush like your regular teeth and avoid red wine and pigmented food. Lumineers are the weakest and least stain resisitant veneers and have the shortest lifespan. Very few people are candidates for them.

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