Intense Pain 5 Weeks After Flanks and Abdomen Liposuction

Hello. I had liposuction done to the flanks and abdomen about 5 weeks ago and though Im told massage will reduce the hardness and lumpiness, I cant seem to do that due to the pain. I can barely scrub with my washcloth during a shower and when Im driving I cringe at every pot hole. Does this pain sound normal after 5 weeks or should I go to the ER? I can barely touch myself and the pain seems more intense around the flanks. Im starting to get realy worried.

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Excruciating pain after liposuction is rare

the fact that you describe the pain as excruciating and that the jarring motion of potholes in the car hurt your stomach, indicates that you should be evaluated immediately for any evidence of visceral penetration (within thte abdominal cavity below the muscle wall). If penetration into the stomach cavity occurred you could develop an emergency situation. Please contact your surgeon but you may need to go to the emergency room. Hopefully it's not serious but don't delay.

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Intense Pain a month after Liposuction is VERY Unusual

Every surgical procedure is associated with some pain and discomfort. But it is very rare to have someone complain excruciating pain 5 weeks after liposuction. Especially worrisome is your description of pain when the trunk is bounced "when Im driving I cringe at every pot hole" as this is suggestive of intraabdominal irritation. This would be especially worrisome if associated with fevers, change in bowel habits, shortness of breath or painful coughing or breathing.  I do think you need to be evaluated by your surgeon and if it does not improve have a formal work-up looking for possible serious complications.

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Severe pain after liposuction is not normal.


This is very unusual, and you need to be evaluated right away.  Why don't you see your plastic surgeon?

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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