Will Any Doctor Perform Liposuction on an Anorexic Patient?

Hi. I'm anorexic weighing in at 95 pounds and i'm 5'5. I want liposuction around my thighs and maybe my tummy region but I'm afraid because I am clinically anorexic that there are no ethical doctors that will perform the procedure on me. Should I give up hope?

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No ethical doctor would do liposuction on an anorexic patient

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There are many unethical people who would be happy to take your money, but a real and honest doctor would not do that.  Rather, they would try to help you to get help for your anorexia.  

Your body image in anorexia is highly perfectionistic and is not realistic causing you to be more critical of your body than is appropriate.  Consequently, you likely wouldn't like the results of liposuction even if you did have it done.

I think that your insight on this is correct

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Doesn't it even sound a bit strange that a known anorexic wants liposuction?  I think that you are absolutely correct in assuming that no ethical doctor would be comfortable offering you liposuction. Yet while you have this insight you are still considering the procedure.  I think that it would be much more meaningful for your to discuss your desire to have liposuction with your therapist because certainly this desire to have liposuction is part of your body image issues that create the anorexia.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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