After a Hair Transplant (2 Months) is It Okay to Use Clindamycin and Loprox Shampoo?

will these topicals do damage to the grafts at two months. Been getting a few white heads and red cysts. would these help control those breakouts? would they damage the underlying grafts? thanks

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Medications and Scalp Acne After Hair Transplant

Clindamycin and Loprox should not harm your grafts at 2 months post-op. Getting these breakouts is normal, and they usually subside on their own within 4 to 6 months.  If they are painful, using a warm, wet cloth will help draw them out, and tea tree oil is also helpful. If the acne becomes severe, schedule an appointment to see your surgeon. Folliculitis occasionally occurs with hair restoration and may require treatment with an oral antibiotic.

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Use of topical antibiotics around hair transplants

The use of Clindamycin should be just fine.  You might want to also have your hair transplant surgeon evaluate those lesions to make sure they do not represent trapped hair beneath the scalp.

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Topical medications after hair transplant surgery

The medications you listed will not harm your grafts. As noted, the cysts you noted are self-limiting and should resolve within a month or so.  If you become more concerned about them (increasing pain, tenderness, or frequency of cysts or redness, etc.), contact your hair transplant surgeon so that he/she can take a closer look at what is going on.  

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Cysts after hair transplant

Topical medications ,such as those you listed, would not harm the grafts. You should have a checkup by your hair transplant surgeon if you continue to get cysts. Usually they resolve afte 4 months.

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White heads at 2 months following a hair transplant

If you have pimples at 2 months and there are many of them, you should go back to see your doctor and make sure you do not have an infection. Don't treat yourself. 

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Before using a medicated shampoo you should find out what you are treating.

You need a diagnosis before treatment.  If you are having breakouts or red cysts, see a doctor first.  Your doctor may not want you to take any medications or shampoo.  

There is nothing wrong with using the shampoo.
The point is why use it if you don't have to.

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