I Have a Scar About an Inch or So on the Side of my Head How Can I Get Hair Back There?

i havent grew hair there in a couple years i like to get my hair cut short so how do i go about this and whats the cost? Can i? Thanks

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Scar on head

The best treatment for scars on the scalp is Scalp Micropigmentation as shown in the web references below

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Hair transplant or SMP can hide scarring

Hair transplant or SMP can hide scarring.  You would need an exam to make sure you're a candidate and understand limitation of the procedure.  The cost varies wildly from doctor to doctor, method to method, size of the scar etc.  

Jae Pak, MD
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You can place new hair in the scar

A scar can be treated with individual hair transplants. This is commonly called FUE or follicular unit extraction. It is an easy procedure to have done - with local anesthetic, in the office of your hair transplant surgeon. It usually can be done at our office in one single treatment.

Christopher J. Peers, MD
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Hair Transplant for Scar Coverage

You might want to consider hair transplant. Follicular unit extraction is an excellent hair transplant technique for scalp repair and concealing scars.  The cost of hair transplant can range from $5 per graft to $12 per graft. An inch-long scar would not require many grafts to fill.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Scalp scar without hair.

This can be excised and closed if the scalp is mobile. If not mobile a tissue expander will be needed. Transplants would be my last choice since the grafts do not grow well in scar in my 35 years of scalp surgery experience. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Scar on the scalp that doesn't grow hair

Scars in the scalp will not grow hair so if the scar is more than a pencil thin line, it will be noticable with short hair.  The scar can be removed and re-sutured if it is not growing hair or the surgeon could do a hair transplant placing follicular unit grafts into the scar and camouflaging the scar so it would not be noticable with short hair.  The cost would depend on the size of the scar. 

Paul M. Glat, MD
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Scalp scar

Depending on the location, size of the scar and your scalp laxity, a simple scar revision with a trichophytic closure might heal well enough to allow for a short haircut. A completely shaved head would reveal even the finest scar. Alternatively you might be a candidate for an FUE hair tranplant to the scar.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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