Do Lashes Become Thinner or Shorter if You Discontinue Latisse?

After discontinuing use of Latisse (16 weeks of application) do the lashes become thinner or shorter again or do the effects reverse themselves?

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Long Term Use of Latisse

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Eventually the longer, thicker, darker lashes that you have achieved by using Latisse will fall out which is part of their normal growth cycle.  If you are no longer using Latisse your new hairs will simply grow in as they normally did prior to using Latisse.

Back to the beginning when you stop latisse

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Stopping your latisse you will eventually notice that your eyelashes  look the same as they did before you started . Unfortunately the effects aren't permanent . I have seen success with patients going on  amodified maintenance program once the lashes have started to grow . You may want to discuss this with your  physician.

Joanne Lopes, MD
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Lashes don't become thinner if you stop Latisse but it may "appear" so

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Your lashes won't become thinner, but the comparison may make it seem so. Because you will have become accustomed to seeing thicker lashes, once you stop and they revert to "normal", you may think they are more sparse, but they aren't.

Like using lipstick all the time and then not - you think "wow, my lips are really pale!" - They aren't any paler than before, they just look that way in comparison.

If Latisse fell out or your budget, there are great mascaras on the market. Just be sure to remove it before going to bed. The pressure from sheets and pillows against lashes encased in hardened mascara can cause them to break off.

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Stopping Latisse will lead to reversion of the lashes to where they were originally

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Latisse acts by keeping lash follicles in their growth phase longer (imagine longer days, more sun, bigger crops...). The result, longer lashes and more of them. When you stop it, many of the follicles go into their dormant stage and the lashes fall out. Eventually, the eyelashes resume their pre-treatment look.  A better option may be to decrease the frequency of use rather than stopping the Latisse.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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