Will I See Faster Results if I Apply Latisse Twice a Day?

I just started using Latisse today and although the directions say to apply it once a day at night I was wondering if I were to apply it twice a day would it make my lashes grow twice as fast? Like would I see 16 week results in 1/2 the time if I were to apply it twice a day?

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More Latisse isn't better

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It's wonderful you're so enthusiastic about having longer, fuller lashes (which you will) but if you use Latisse morning and night all you will notice is that the bottle is empty twice as fast but your lashes will not grow twice as fast.  More isn't always better.  Just a thin application on the lash line of the upper lids once a day is all you need. Patience.  If you apply it, they will grow.


Dr. Grant Stevens      


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  In the pivotal Phase III clinical trial, patients were instructed to apply Latisse at bedtime to the upper eyelashes. I am not aware of any studies in which patients applied Latisse twice or three times a day.

  Latisse works by prolonging the anagen (growth) phase of the eyelash through an effect of the prostaglandins. The chemical also activates the melanocytes turning the eyelash darker. I doubt that using Latisse would make this reaction work any quicker.

   Besides, applying Latisse during the day might cause more of the solution to drop into the eye or irritating the eye( sweating, watering of eyes in smoky or polluted air). Further, the stuff is expensive enough ( $80-150), why would you want to burn it up twice as quickly?

  By the way, judging by my patients' results and its perpetually high standing on  Real Self's: Is it worth it scale, Latisse is all it is cracked up to be.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Latisse use

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I have many patients who ask this same question and some who have tried it but the results come out the same as those applying it once a day. Many patients found the Latisse worked better for them when they stayed on a routine for their application so they would have it next to their toothbrush and always remembered to apply their application right before bed. You'll get great lashes soon! Just keep it up so they stay long and lustrous. 

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Latisse is a Once-A-Day Medication

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Always follow the instructions for taking or using medication as they are there for a reason. Latisse will not work faster no matter how many extra times per day you use it.

Is Latisse Twice a Day better than Once a Day?

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It is not recommended that you use Latisse twice a day. Studies prove that once a day application improved the length and number of lashes. More is not necessarily better but can sometimes, be associated with more side effects.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

Faster Lash Growth with Latisse

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Save your money. You won't get faster results. Latisse promotes the natural growth cycle of eyelashes. More does not equal better or faster lashes, and potentially may have side effects. Follow the directions and guidance of your physician.


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follow your dctor instructions. Drug doses are recommended based on research, and experementation by the drug companies. When using or taking a medication follow the instructions of your doctor

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Applying Latisse twice a day.

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This is not a recommended administration schedule and the effects of applying this twice a day are unknown to me.

Latisse once a day

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You won't get faster results. Latisse works by prolonging the natural growth cycle. Your lashes will simply continue the growth phase longer, not make it faster. Save your money and follow the directions.


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Save your money.  Latisse does not work any faster by applying the product twice a day.  If you have already stimulated the follicle to stay in the growth phase, re-stimulating it within the same day does not add to the results.   You will love your lashes, just be a bit more patient. 

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