Had my Teeth Whitened Yesterday and Has Made 2 Small Holes in my Gum What Should I Do?

Im not sure if this is just one of thoughs things that can happen or if I should ring and complain as it is causing me discomfort. And also my gums went very white/yellow colour dose this cause any long term damage?.

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Whitening causing burn to gum tissue

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If some of the bleaching gel gets around the tray and stays on the gums it can burn the tissue.  The good news is that it will heal quickly.  You can try drying the tissue and placing some vitamin E gel (break open a gelcap) or just ibuprofen if it is really painful.  If it's not gone in a week, call your dentist and have them check. Good luck.

Ontario Dentist

Sounds like some leaking bleach

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Many times the seal between the teeth and gums when doing in office bleaching will leak.  If you get the bleach on the gums it will "burn" them.  Most of the time it is just uncomfortable for a few days and always does away.  If you are very concerned go back to the dentist who did the bleaching to have it looked at.  They might be able to give you some topical medication/ointment to relieve the pain and improve healing.

Justin Marostica, DMD
Portland Dentist

Whitening Causing Holes in Gum

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I doubt if there are really holes in your gum. Some excess bleach may have escaped onto your gums and temporarily bleached your gum. It should heal with no problem.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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