After Bikini Laser Hair Removal Its Still Burning and I'm Uncomfortable, How Long Until it Heels?

i had my Bikini Laser treatment last Friday and its still feel like burning in my private areas im applying Vaseline so feel comfortable, what shall i do my vacation is this Wednesday and im worried i wont be recovered

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Post Laser Hair Removal Irritation

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Laser Hair Removal rarely causes side effects. However, if you have sensitive skin, it may feel irritated after the treatment for up to a week. The best solution is appropriate skin care after the laser procedure. That includes using gentle soap (e.g., Dove sensitive skin soap) in the treated area and applying vasiline or aquaphor ointment to soothe the area. If the burning/itching do not subside you can also try over the counter remedies such as aloe vera gel or hydrocortisone 1% ointment applications 3x/day to affected areas. If this does not help after couple of days, contact your laser therapist (hopefully it is a physician that can guide you with more recommendations). Also, for several days after the laser treatment, you should keep the treated areas out of the sun, which can cause more irritation in those sensitive areas. Good luck.

Davie Dermatologist

Laser Hair Removal

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Typically 7-10 days is the time needed to heal unless the treatment was very aggressive and then you may need a little more time.

Treatment of burning skin after Laser hair removal

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My recommendations for treatment of laser burns in the skin are as follows:
1. Keep the areas clean by washing with a mild soap twice daily.
2. If there is blistering, relieve the pressure and hasten healing time by gently popping all blisters using a sterile needle or pin at the side of the blister. This should be a painless procedure. 
3. Apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment (available without a prescription) to all involved areas to keep them "greasy". The greasier the area is, the faster it will heal. The drier and scabbier the area gets, the slower it will heal.
4. Permanent scarring is unlikely but you have to guard against post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation by constant protection from the sun for these areas such as using protective clothing and sunscreens.
5. Make certain you are under a doctor's care and watch for signs of infection so that oral antibiotics can be started as soon as possible if necessary.

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