How to Eliminate Underarm Scabs & Redness After Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

After my 4th Laser Hair Removal session for underarms, I noticed that there were alot more red dots /appearance of scabs than what I had experienced in the previous 3 treatments. Prior to this session I had very clean results for underarms; without any marks or redness. I'm concerned because I have my final treatment in 4weeks and I don't want to make it worse or encourage scarring as I have olive skintone. When will this heal properly, if at all? Should I cancel the 5th laser session?

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Laser Hair Removal

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This will resolve in time.  Avoid antiperspirants and just use deodorant  until it heals, and use a mild soap like dove.  Also ask them to treat a little more mild.

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Red Spots after Laser Hair Removal

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Hi Kiki.  If this photo was taken within an hour or two after the treatment we would not be that concerned.  "Follicular edema" or redness around the hair follicles is normal immediately after treatment.  It would be much more unusual if it was several days after the treatment when the photo was taken.

If you continue to have these concerns you are best served to return to those that did you treatment to discuss it with them.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Scabs and Redness in Armpits after Laser Hair Removal

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You may want to return to the place where you had your treatment so they can see what happened.  It is possible that you have developed folliculitis or a bacterial infection in the hair follicles in that area.   If that is the case, you may need some topical or systemic antibiotics to clear it up.   Otherwise, you may be having an irritant reaction to the process itself which can also be treated.   Either way, it should be examined by your practitioner.   

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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