How Many Laser Fat Removal Treatment Sessions Are Generally Required to See Results?

would just one treatment be a waste of money or would results be seen with just one? I am not overweight, I just cannot get rid of my love-handles despite diet and exerise.

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Liposuction is a one time procedure usually

Although 10% may need additional improvement within the same area that underwent liposuction, most patients find that the area treated by liposuction is adequate and no further surgery is needed. Laser-assisted liposuction does not decrease the percent of patients needing secondary treatments, however, and in fact, depending on the skill of the provider, the heat generated from the laser could increase the risk of irregularities in the surface which might involve corrective procedures.

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It depends on the procedure you are doing. Liposuction is typically one time, others not.

SmartLipo and tumescent liposuction are a one time procedure usually.  Whereas redos are possible, they are not typically necessary.  Now, on the other hand, any other procedure that claims to rid you of fat that isn't invasive, whether it is Zeltiq, Zerona, Lipodissolve, etc, is not likely to be effective in this area, whether it is one procedure or many.

There is a reason that liposuction has a stellar rating - it actually gets the fat out!  When combined with SmartLipo and the tumescent technique, this is a fantastic combination and results are great.

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Laser liposuction

Laser liposuction is a one time procedure.  It is usually to treatment of choice for love handle fat.  There are other laser fat treatments such as Zerona which aren't liposuction or a surgical procedure.  These treatments require more than one application and in my opinion have questionable effectiveness.


Shim Ching, MD

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How Many Laser Fat Removal Treatment Sessions Are Generally Required to See Results?

Dear soccermum,

Liposuction (whether laser assisted, ultrasound assisted, water assisted, suction assisted, etc.) generally requires only one treatment and produces excellent results when performed on an appropriate patient by an experienced surgeon. Noninvasive procedures such as Zerona, on the other hand, generally require a series of treatments, and the results tend to be very modest. I hope this helps.

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Larry Fan, MD

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I do not know specifically about laser lipo procedures, but I can tell you that with traditional liposuction treatment of  the love handles would only require one procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Ideal laserlipo candidate

You are a great candidate for laserlipo. It works so well in the love-handle, flank area. So far all my patients have been happy with their results in this area after 1 treatment. I am aggressive in this area as it is a fibrous area so it takes time to get a great result. It may take me 1-2 hours to do a thorough sculpting in this area so pick a well qualified surgeon who is patient. Ask to see before and after photos of your surgeon's work and judge for yourself. Also be aware that laserlipo is an office procedure so there is no credentialing process. Check your surgeon's qualifications. Some unqualified doctors without extensive training in liposuction techniques can start doing laserlipo in the office as there is no credentialing process as there would be in a hospital setting. Choose your surgeon carefully and you should enjoy great results. It gets rid of that muffin top feeling in low riding pants and should be permanent.

How Many Laser Fat Removal Treatment Sessions Are Generally Required to See Results?

Laser Lipolysis is a one time operation in over 95% of the patients. Touch up operation occur but rarely. 

Laser Liposuction

I would need to know what “Laser Fat removal” session you are referring to.  We expect results after one (1) session in a particular area.  Revisiting the area later is not needed if the job was done correctly.  You should be visiting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a consult and consider treatment with Vaser and laser.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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