Is at Advisable to Have a Tummy Tuck & Inner Thigh Lift at the Same Time?

Hi I am a 32 year old, fit, non smoking female who has lost about 56 pounds. I am in need of a tummy tuck and thigh lift (lower body lift basically), and my surgeon has suggested the idea of doing the tummy tuck and inner thigh lift together, followed by extending the tummy tuck scar and doing the rest at a later stage. I am concerned that these 2 big procedures combined will be too much, extending the recovery and will be risky. I'm thinking it best to address the tummy area alone, firstly?

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Timing of surgery

I personally do the circumferential body lift to address the tummy and lateral thighs as stage one.  This is followed by a secondary medial thigh lift for stage two.  I find that patients do better with mobility by staging it as such.  Surgeons are like cooks; everyone has there own formula.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Tummy Tuck & Inner Thigh Lift at the Same Time

Congratulations on the weight loss. Each surgeon has different preferences on body contouring based on experience and expertise. It is possible to combine procedures based on the scope of surgery depending on the scope of the surgery. Your surgeon has examined you and understands the specifics about you so you should trust your surgeon's guidance.  

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It all depends on the patient

In certain situations I do perform abdominoplasty and thigh lift at the same time. In others it is prudent to wait because there is usually an improvement in the appearance of the medial thighs after an abdominoplasty.

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I do not do a full tummy tuck and bilateral thigh lift together

Thank you for your question. It is not uncommon to do multiple different area plastic surgery procedures when the areas operated on are not in close proximity. I am just offering my opinion and respect that other plastic surgeons may feel differently. However in my opinion the abdominoplasty incision and the medial thigh lift incisions are close together and my concern has always been that these incisions in such close proximity could interfere with blood supply to the skin and result in skin loss and other complications.

Abdominoplasty with an inner thigh lift

Timing and planning of multiple surgical procedures is a common question and patient concern.  Combining an abdominoplasty and an inner thigh lift  is not an unusual request.  As long as you are in good physical health and have no overriding medical conditions you should be a good candidate. With this combination the highest priority has to be safety and the prevention of DVT and PE.

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Tummy tuck

There is. Itching wrong with combining the procedures.  However, if you would be most comfortable starting out with a tummy tuck and coming back later for further procedures, that is perfectly fine to do as well.  You can always come back ,for the thigh lift of to convert the tummy tuck into a body lift  if you want as a secondary procedure.  It is somewhat difficult to say in your particular case, however, because  you have not included photos.

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Combination Tummy Tuck and Inner Thigh Lift

The problems with doing tummy tuck and inner thigh lift together are:

1) The bikini and groin incisions are in close proximity to one another and this can increase swelling in the pubic area.

2)  In weight loss patients with loose skin, lifting the pubic area and front of thigh can change the inner thigh skin, making the inner thigh lift harder to perform because the skin has moved.

3) Wearing a compression garment or girdle (which I feel really helps with swelling and support after a tummy tuck) is very uncomfirtable on the inner thigh lift incisions which do much better with a light, easily removable dressing.

I will consider doing them together under a few circumstances, such as:

1) The patient has correctable issues that require only one stage

2) The inner thigh skin and pubic laxity is minimal

Because it sounds like you may benefit from a lower body lift, I would first perform the tummy, pubic, outer thigh, buttock, and lower back lift (along with breast surgery if desired) at Stage Iand then do inner thighs, arms, and rouchups from Stage ! at Stage II.


The link below is of a patient (Case #2) who had a one stage tummy tuck and inner thigh lift.

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Tummy tuck and Inner thigh lift at same time.

Although commonly performed, tummy tuck is a major cosmetic procedure with a moderate recovery.  Inner thigh lift is not as commonly performed, though.  It is also a major cosmetic procedure, but with a major recovery.  If you have been appropriately educated about your procedures and you are greatly motivated to invest 6-8 weeks of very limited to moderate activity in the postoperative period, then you may be a candidate for the two procedures as a non-smoking, healthy 32 year-old.  By questioning the safety in this forum, you appear a little too unsure, though, to proceed with both in the same session.  Trust your instincts on this one.  Separate the two procedures and have the one you want the most performed first in case you have trouble with compliance in the initial postoperative period.  If you get through that procedure well, you'll be a great candidate for that second procedure.  Best wishes!


Tummy Tuck with inner thigh lift are often done together

Inner thigh lift with tummy tuck followed many months later with flank lift and outer thigh lift if needed is good approach.  First operation can be done with you lying on your back. Second operation can be done with you being positioned on your stomach with unrestricted access to your back.

I agree with your surgeon.  

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Tummy tuck and thigh lift should be done separately

It is recommended to perform the tummy tuck (or body lift or circumferential body lift) first, followed several months later by the thigh lift. This causes fewer wound healing complications and allows the tissues to "relax" from the first surgery because combining the procedures can place undue tension on the scars. Basically the central portion of the body is addressed first, then you can have other areas treated (such as the arms, thighs or breasts).

I recommend consulting with a few board certified plastic surgeons who are experienced in body contouring before you have surgery.

Best wishes,


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