Can you achieve half reduction of body hair instead of full removal?

I'm a male interested in beginning laser hair "reduction." I'm not interested in getting rid of all my hair in some areas (chest and legs), just reduce "half" the thickness. Is it possible to thin out the amount of hair by having only a few treatments, or will the hair come back patchy? One place I went to said yes, but another was concerned about how it would come back and only was familiar with getting rid of all the hair. Thank you very much in advance.

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Laser hair Removal - partial hair reduction

There is no guarantee that the remaining hair following laser hair removal procedures will come back perfectly evenly. However, most areas of the body will lose hair fairly evenly so it is unlikely that hair will be patchy. The face, however is less predictable, and hair can definitely come back patchy. We also caution men that the complete elimination of hair and the root of the hair can feminize the faces of some men. For that reason, many men will elect to laser hair of the neck and under the jawline, but not laser the face itself. We also caution men that hair of the scalp can grow back very patchy and for that reason, we rarely laser the hair on the scalp.

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Can you achieve half reduction of body hair instead of full removal?

Having a few session of laser hair removal will help thin the hair but will likely leave patchy areas

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