I hate how large and low my areolas are, I want to know how much it would cost and what can be done to fix them? (photos)

Some more specifics I'm wondering about is how long does is usually take to recover? Also about how small do you think you could make my areolas they are about 2inches wide and 3inches long? And by making them smaller could they get more color?

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I hate how large and low my areolas are, I want to know how much it would cost and what can be done to fix them?

In my over the internet opinion, I would advise you to consider the risks before proceeding.. The possible scars, decreased sensation are issues to be understood before doing the areolae reduction..

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Areola reduction and lift

There are a number of options which can aid in reducing the size of the areolas and raising their position on the chest.  This could be accomplished with either a donut, lollipop, or anchor type of breast lift, with or without a breast implant.  Each procedure has its advantages and shortcoming.  A physical exam would be required to determine which procedure would be in your best interest.  Costs can vary but many practices, including my own, offer free consultations to patients which would include providing an exact cost for your procedure.  Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in cosmetic breast surgery.  Best wishes.

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Areola reduction

Areola reduction is a common procedure and the recovery is speedy.  It requires an incision and therefore scar around the areola, but the scar can be difficult to notice at is at the border of the areola where is meets the breast skin.  It will be a more stark contrast from areola to breast skin, so you may find that it looks "darker."  The color will likely not change, but tattoo is an option to darken the areola if still feel that they are not dark enough.

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Areola reduction and equalization of breasts

Dear Madam,

In normal conditions areola reduction recovery will last  1 to 2 days. But healing time will be a little bit longer like, a week. I recomend you an implant to equalize your breasts also. Making them smaller won't make them darker. Because we have do a reduction mammaplasty to do so. But in your case you don't have big breasts to reduce size. If you don't want implants fat injection to your right breast can also be considered. Take care

Alper Tuncel, MD
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