Abdominoplasty, Does It Increase Future Core Strength? This is Not an Insurance Question.

I've had 4 children/2csections/twins carried fullterm. I'm 5ft/100lbs & no longer have the core strength I used to have since having my twins 4yrs ago. There is a lg space felt vertically btw my muscles, no hernia. I have no interest in insurance paying for this, I do want to know if after such stretching pregnancies &csections a TT will only be a visual improvement for me? I was told it was only for the 'look' from an initial PS consult and I am very disappointed. My muscles are very weak...

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Abdominal Strength and Tummy Tucks

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Many women note improved abdominal muscle tone after a tummy tuck.  Not right away of course but after they have a chance to heal and recover from their surgery.  Other patients will also talk about relief or improvement in their back pain.  So it appears for many women, a tummy tuck is not just a cosmetic but also a functional procedure.  Hope this helps.

In response to another answer, let me be clear.  An abdominoplasty does not make your abdominal muscles stronger, it makes them more efficient.  All muscles work best when they are in the right position.  That is because muscle fibers can only contract over a certain distance and no further.  The displaced abdominal muscles, the result of pregnancy, expend a great deal of their contracting force just getting into the position of maximal effect.  An abdominoplasty re-positions the abdominal muscles into a better position to achieve a bigger bang with contraction.  It didn't make them stronger, it just made them more efficient.

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TT with large mesh will re-establish normal physiology after multiple pregnancies

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Excellent question!!

I invite you to visit the link below and my profile to get a better understanding on how I reinforce a weakened abdominal wall due to multiple pregnancies or obesity. The truth is not very many PS are interested in true reconstructive surgery anymore. But, allow me to give you more information about the subject through my profile. Interestingly, I've done much research on the subject and come up with a fascinating conclusion.

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Core Strength after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.
Although there is no specific study that I am aware of that documents an improvement in “core” strength  after tummy tuck surgery, I believe that reconstructing the abdominal wall musculature ( to pre pregnancy or pre-weight gain status) can only help strengthen the abdominal wall/back girdle.
By plicating the abdominal wall muscles back to the midline  during tummy tuck surgery, normal anatomy is restored, abdominal wall girth is decreased and (I believe) functionality and anesthetics)  potentially benefits. I think that this is especially true after the significant spreading of the rectus muscles that is seen with twin pregnancy.
I hope this helps.

Tummy tuck can improve the efficiency of your core muscles

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Pregnancy and significant weight gain/weight loss can result in stretching of the connective tissue that envelops the muscles.  This is called fascia.  Muscles are designed to elongate and to contract so the muscles are not changed by pregnancy but the connective tissue that envelops them can be.  When "muscle repair" is performed as part of a tummy tuck it is not really the muscles that are repaired as much as the connective tissue that is tightened.  In doing so the relation of the muscles to each other improves and the efficiency of the muscles can improve.

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Abdominoplasty CAN improve the function of the abdominal muscles

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Hi there-

While I would not want you to believe that a tummy tuck would somehow turn your weakened belly muscles into bionically powerful ones, I do believe that returning the muscles to their more normal anatomic position and relationship to the joint on which they act does make them more efficient.

Many patients comment that they feel their muscles are more effective after tummy tuck.

Muscle tone

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I disagree. This surgery does not improve the condition of the muscles at all. It is designed to tighten the abdominal wall and tissue that is between the muscles. The space or defect is due to that, not weak muscles. Strengthening your core is always a good idea, but can not in most cases make up for tissue that has lost its elasticity. I recommend core training to my patients after surgery when they are free of restrictions. 

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