Does the Mommy Makeover Utilize Smart Lipo?

So my question is- Do any of the mommy makeovers utilize this smart-lipo?

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Mommy Makeover

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The Mommy Makeover is a term that has been given to the surgical procedures as a group that help restore the body to the pre-pregnancy state. This usually involves some type of breast surgery, wither a lift and/or implants and some type of tummy tuck which may include liposuction. the smart lipo is simply a type of laser liposuctioning that can be used.

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Smart Lipo With Mommy Makeover

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The Mommy Makeover is a combination surgical procedure that addresses changes that occur following pregnancy. The procedure varies from patient to patient and depends upon how pregnancy has impacted a woman’s body. It’s not unusual for the procedure to include abdominoplasty, liposuction of the hips and thighs, breast augmentation and breast lift surgery.
The vast majority of patients require some type of liposuction during this procedure.In the majority of Mommy Makeover cases, tumescent liposuction is utilized but, in rare cases, smart liposuction is occasionally performed.
It’s essential that patients consult a board certified plastic surgeon before proceeding with Mommy Makeover surgery.This surgeon should be able to perform an evaluation and formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.In most cases, tumescent liposuction will be indicated.This procedure still represents the gold standard for treating localized fat collections.

Mommy Makeover and SpartLipo

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The Mommy Makeover is an operation, or set of operations designed to improve the post baby body.  It usually consists of a breast lift (with or without implants), to address the changes that occur in the breast.  It also usually consists of a tummy tuck, (abdominoplasty).  Liposuction can be used on the abdomen area or other areas to address excess fat.  There are variations on the standard liposuction.  Some of these include the use of a different technology, (smartlipo, ultrasound lipo, vaser lipo).


Best to discuss your Mommy Makover with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  He/She will sit down and go over your goals with you.  Toghether you will make a proper decision as to what operation to do and what tools to do it with.

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Liposuction with Mommy Makeover

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Thank you for your question.

Liposuction is a tool that is sometimes used during the mommy makeover procedure.  The exact procedures performed will depend on the patient and her goals.  The most important thing is to find a surgeon that you are comfortable with and who has extensive experience with the mommy makeover procedures.

Best Wishes!

Smart Lipo in mommy makeover

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SmartLipo is one of many different variations on liposuction.  Thus to answer your question... anyone who has a SmartLipo machine can do a mommy makeover using a smart lipo.  However, I strongly recommend that you look for a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience in mommy makeovers, not one that happens to have a smartlipo machine.  Studies have shown that the many different variations on Liposuction all end up with similar final results.


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Mommy Makeover and SmartLipo

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Most surgeons refer to a "mommy makeover" as a series of cosmetic surgery procedures intended to restore a woman’s figure after pregnancy. Procedures commonly performed during mommy makeovers include:

Abominoplasty (tummy tuck)Breast Augmentation +/- Lift, or Breast Lift only without implants, liposuction.  The liposuction can involve SmartLipo, Power assisted Lipo, Ultrasonic Lipo, Regular Suction Lipo.  With respect to the different types of liposuction technologies - its not the technology that matters - its the technician (your surgeon).  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.

SmatLipo to enhance the results of a Mommy Makeover

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A Mommy Makeover involves the enhancement of your breasts and tummy to correct the the effects of pregnancy. Breasts may be lifted or augmented, or both. Tummy tucks, either mini or full, may be combined with liposuction to eliminate stretch marks, reduce fat pockets, and tighten skin. Tumescent liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction, such as SmartLipo may be added to improve your waistline.

Andrew T. Lyos, MD, FACS
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Smartlipo for Mommy Makeover

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In most cases, Mommy Makeover involves an abdominoplasty / tummy tuck and breast lift with or without breast implants.  Sometimes liposuction is also performed.  The liposuction can either be traditional or Smartlipo.  Good luck

Smart Lipo for mommy makeover

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Mommy makeovers usually include a number of different procedures targeted at improving the appearance of the breasts and abdomen, and areas where fat may have accumulated as a result of pregnancy. Different types of liposuction, including Smart Lipo, may be performed.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
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Smart lipo with Mommy Makeover

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A Mommy Makeover is a combination of breast enhancement and body contouring procedures post child birth. If the fat deposits to be eliminated are isolated and minimal then smartlipo may be a component. However, tradtonal liposuction and/or tummy tuck are more oftten the body contouring procedures for the mommy makeover.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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