Scar-less Breast Reduction - How is this done? Where can I get it? Ideally want to avoid big surgery incision marks.

seeking smaller breasts --currently a D. I saw a TV show that talked about scarless breast reduction.  How is this done?  Where can I get it? Ideally want to avoid big surgery incision marks.

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Perceived Scarless Breast Reduction

The physiological changes imposed on the female breast throughout life make breast lift and reduction the most difficult of plastic surgeries. To obtain shape, projection, and restoration of a reasonable size must be weighed against the necessity to apply an operation that is safe, long lasting, durable, and has the least scarring. Despite the meticulous attention to scar placement, about 18% of patients will have some stretch of scars whether they be the T scar, the lollipop scar, or periareolar. Scarless breast reduction agreeably refers to liposuction for which about 10% of patients fit the candidacy, where minimal weight is removed, and lifting is nominal. Some patients desire such minor corrective work. Insurance companies challenge the competent surgeon by placing minimal weight requirements based on height and body frame. Often such draconian requirements can prompt a surgeon to remove too much breast tissue, and while relieving pain and strain, the patient is unhappy with small breasts, or breasts that have shifted considerably due to the enormity of the reduction process.     The greater the volume of breast reduction, the more likely the chance of settling, sagging, shifting, asymmetry, and distortion of the breasts. Most patients benefit by some weight reduction with re-suspension of the breasts higher on the chest. The most unhappy patients are over-reduced, have high nipples, and despite the relief of pain, even some patients with the standard T scar do comment, I wish I did not have these extensive scars, but "I am glad I had the surgery".     When a Practice sees patients of color, and those with a tendency for wide scars, have elastic stretchy skin, and fatty breasts, I believe a minimal scar ( not scarless) approach is indicated. I therefore like the Brazilian periareolar method (no mesh used) which is a circular scar repair for reductions up to 500 gms per breast. While the shape is more rounded and there can be some areolar stretch with a starburst scar, the patient is left with a central circle scar where any revision or enhancement can be then done through a circle, instead of through a vertical or transverse prior scar. When I see patients at 5 to 8 years after these surgeries they are quite happy. At least I do not have to deal with a vertical or T scar and the unusual deformities that can occur with these. There are annoying inconveniences with all the minimal scar procedures, and the periareolar method is no exception, but it works quite well for patients selected, particularly in those for secondary surgery where an adequate history of prior work and method are known.   The standard methods of reduction with vertical and T scars are are for the most challenging breast sizes and shapes, but patients must understand the tradeoffs in healing that can occur, even in the most capable of hands.   We are constantly humbled by nature's "finding a way" to undo our tireless efforts, and therefore we continue to seek ways of reduced scarring, and better durability of our work. Some specialists get carried away indicating their method is almost scarless and by the way they suture the scar, the scars fade away. Our enthusiasm must be tempered for the 18% of patients who will have some scar spread even when we are at the top of our game. Great Mentors of Plastic Surgery have discussed these issues for 50 years.

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Scarless - no, but minimal scar breast reduction yes

There is a new technique called the Ultimate Breast Reduction that has eliminated the 'dreaded' vertical scar. The scars are hidden around the areolas and under the natural crease of the breast. Women as small as D and as large as M can be successfully reduced using this procedure. Breasts are lifted higher than conventional vertical scar techniques and it does not rely solely on the skin envelope to maintain long term results. Women now have an alternative to the Weis (anchor) technique which was developed in 1957! It's worth looking into.

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Dr. Horndeski

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Significant breast reduction requires a scar

If a substantial amount of tissue is to be removed via reduction (500cc or gms per side), there will be in nearly every circumstance an excess of skin. This will be an aesthetic problem and the position of the nipple and areola relative to the crease will be left unattended. Seldom is liposuction alone proper treatment for large breasts.


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Be careful with "scarless breast reduction"


As some of the other doctors here have indicated, "Scarless breast reduction" is generally breast liposuction. It is very limited in its ability to reduce the breast much (maybe a cup size), does not include a lift, and is controversial regarding the changes it leaves in your breast afterward. Some of these changes may or may not over the long term decrease the sensitivity of mammography in screening you for breast cancer.

Breast reduction by liposuction is also rarely if ever covered by health insurance.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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"Scarless" breast reduction typically performed with liposuction

This generally refers to the use of liposuction.You will still have scars but they are usually small (less than 1 cm) and concealed. In many instances this requires that the breasts have minimal sagging (ptosis is very common with large breasts) and excellent skin tone.

This can achieve mild to moderate corrections but major reductions will still likely require a traditional approach using a variety of differently described incisions.

IF you would like to see one of my examples it is posted in the link below.

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Scarless Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question.

You may have been hearing about breast  reduction done with liposuctioning.

It is a rare patient who is a good candidate for breast reduction with liposuction alone. The reduction achieved is minimal to moderate at most and the breast  should have the following characteristics:  significant fatty tissue as well as excellent overlying skin elasticity. There are very few patients whose breasts  are amendable  to liposuctioning as the  sole  means of breast reduction.

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Scarless Breast Reduction in Atlanta Georgia

Scar-less breast reduction is breast reduction performed using liposuction. Scarless breast reduction is appropriate for a select group of patients. In Atlanta, It is called scarless because there is minimal scar compared to the traditional breast reduction techniques. However, there is a very small stab wound scar just like any liposuction procedure. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is required to determine if you are a suitable candidate for scarless breast reduction.

Scarless breast reduction is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by most health insurance providers. To be a candidate for this procedure, the patients must meet certain criteria such as 

good skin tone

nipple and areola that are in a good position

You don’t have too much breast sagging

You don’t need breast lift (Mastopexy)

You are healthy and have realistic expectation

The best way to see if you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Stanley Okoro, MD
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Scarless breast reduction, almost.

Liposuction is used to perform breast reduction in some women and may be referred to as "scarless" because it is performed using very short "stab wound scars" that are not very visible.

This "scarless" liposuction breast reduction technique can be used for women whose breast have a significant amount of fat in their breasts.

A consultation is necessary for you to be evaluated to determine if you are a suitable candidate for liposuction breast reduction.   See  or    plasticsurgeryofnycom     for more information.

Fredrick A. Valauri, MD
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Scarless Breast Reduction

By scarless breast reduction they are referring to liposuction reduction. It's not truly scarless, but the scars are very small. Unfortunately, very few patients who seek breast reduction are good candidates for liposuction reduction. You must meet these criteria:

  • Little or no droop
  • good skin tone
  • not overly dense, fibrous breasts
  • a goal of only 1 to 1.5 drop in cup size

If you don't fit this description, talk to your surgeon about using the smallest scar possible in your case.

Mark Preston, MD
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Breast Reduction and Scar

There are a variety of breast reduction techniques to help you achieve your goals.  However, all these techniques require some degree of scar to achieve better form.   If you do not have much sagging or excess skin and just want to go down in volume, then a liposuction reduction technique is available. 

C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
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