Is There Any Completely Natural Way to Fix Tubular Breasts?

I am 14 with the tuberous breast deformity. Is there a completely natural way to fix this?  Or do I need any type of breast lift or cosmetic surgery to correct my problem?

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Tuberous breasts

At 14 you are a bit young to seek treatment of your tuberous breasts because they still may grow a bit.  In general, implants are often combined to give a better shape.

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Need a breast lift but not necessarily breast implants.


1) First, don't do anything until your breasts have stopped growing.

2) Eventually, you need surgery to correct tubular breasts, a type of breast lift, but you dont have to have breast implants.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Tuberous breast shaping, breast augmentation, fat transfer, fat grafting

Dear MizOverlyDramatic

The shaping of the tuberous breast will depend on the degree of shape change that you want. It may be difficult to change the shape without surgical intervention. The Brava Bra may be of some benefit. At 14 years of age you may still have change in shape and size of your breasts.

An option without implants is to perform Fat Transfer or Micro fat grafting. This would most likely need to be done in several surgeries to achieve a siginificant change in shape.

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Trevor M Born MD

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Tuberous breast deformity will need some surgery

I think the lifting and mastopexy treatments of tuberous breast is way overdone. Almost all tuberous breasts will require an implant to give them enough volume to look natural. With simple scorring internally, placement of an above the muscle cohesive implant and patience an excellent result can be obtained with a minimum of scarring. Patience means a full year.

Donald W. Kress, MD, FACS
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Tuberous breast deformity treatment

Tuberous breast deformity requires breast lifting, and usually breast implant placement.

The tubular shape of the breasts is caused by shape of the gland as well as the skin, so both must be addressed to have a more normally shaped breast. The gland is reshaped with a combination of scoring (making fine cuts) to release the gland and allow it to spread out more naturally. The skin can be lifted via a periareolar or popsicle incision, removing the sagging portion, yet preserving the gland. Most often a breast implant is desired to help create the roundness and lower pole fullness that is normal in an aethetically pleasing breast shape.

Steve Byrd, MD
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Tuberous ( Constricted) Breast Correction for 14 Year Old?

Thank you for the question.

I would suggest that you wait a few more years before undergoing corrective surgery for tuberous breasts. At that point, you should seek consultation with well plastic surgeons with significant experience  helping patients with tuberous breast  reconstruction. Depending on your physical examination a variety of options may be available. If you are happy with the size of the breasts ( depending on the volume of breast tissue),  then breast implants may not be required for a nice reconstruction.

Some general information regarding tuberous breasts may be helpful to you:

For “minor” tuberous breasts correction options very. Sometimes it is possible to  use breast implants only without an incision around the areola;  patients  potentially will contain to have a “puffy” areola appearance.In other cases of “minor” tuberous breast  anomaly,  breast augmentation and circumareola reduction may be selected as the operation of choice. Which operation the patient chooses will depend on the aesthetic result they are looking for.

Generally, some of the characteristics seen with tuberous breasts include a very narrow base, short distance from areola to inframammary fold, tight (constricted) lower pole of the breasts, relatively wide space between the breasts, "puffy" and areola and some degree of ptosis (drooping).  

Generally,  correction of tuberous breast anomalies involves breast augmentation with areola reduction / mastopexy procedure. The distance from the inframammary fold is increased (to create a more rounded out appearance). Proper implant positioning improves the distance (cleavage) between the breasts. The areola reduction helps to treat the pointed and "puffy" appearance of the areola.

In the most severe cases of tuberous breast, a more complete breast lift may also be necessary.  In many cases however, a lift is not necessary. The patient should be aware that the final result will take months to see and that they will need to be patient and that revisionary surgery is more likely than in patients who do not present with tuberous (constricted) breasts.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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