Permanent Treatment Options for Pitting Caused by Electrolysis?

I had an electrolysis 7 months ago, and I'm left with pitting after treatment. Now my skin is back to normal color, but it is still pitted. I don't know what to do to make this go away! I want to get rid of the indentations there any possibility that it will resolve on its own? If not, what can I do to remove those indentations?

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Pitting after electrolysis

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Some people who have pitted scars after electrolysis see improvement over a year after the procedure. Depending on how noticable the scars are, and how deep, there are a few techniques to improve them. Usually laser resurfacing doesn't help enough if it is one ablative laser (carbon dioxide). Punch grafts that are very small, around 1 mm. or so, can be implanted after the pitted scar is removed. A series of these punch graft sessions can be done over time, and then, laser resurfacing often is done as the circle scars that heal after the grafts can be improved. Another treatment is the careful application of a very strong acid, such as Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) with a fine pointed applicator to the base of the scar done every several weeks for several treatments to help raise up the base of the scar.

Dont' rush in to any surgical or laser treatment as there are always risks and your scars may improve on their own over the year. Fraxel Re:store laser may help the pitted scars done every few weeks for at least five, if not more, treatments. See an experienced laser surgeon who has experience with all different modalities of scar revision for a consultation.

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