Is Liposuction Safe for Thighs with Varicose Veins?

I am considering Liposuction on my body and inner/outer thighs but I have varicose veins. How dangerous it is?

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Check with a vascular surgeon

It might be worth consulting with a vascular surgeon prior to having your liposuction. Compression garments which are worn after surgery, should be appropriate for you. You don’t want the hem of the garment to compress the skin that overlies a varicosity as this could cause a clot in the vein. You may need to have more gentle pressure over this vein rather than having a tight edge digging into the soft tissue. The vascular surgeon can perform an evaluation with ultrasound to check your veins and make the safest recommendation.

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Lipousuction of the thighs is usually not a problem for varicose vein patients.

Varicose veins don't usually cause much of a problem for thigh liposuctions, especially if done under local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia. See your doctor and he will advise you accordingly but you are probably just fine.

David Hansen, MD
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Varicose veins and liposuction

This is a relatively common condition that occurs in patients undergoing liposuction. There are some concerns with the prolonged swelling or increased risk of deep venous thrombosis in any paitent with varicose veins undergoing a prolonged procedure under general anesthesia. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon who may utiliize different techniques or prolonged compression.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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