Average Cost of Liposuction for Love Handles in or Around NYC?

I am 5'6 145 lbs. im fairly content with my stomach. The only bulges that never go away, no matter how much weight I lose, are the love handles. Everything else on my body is just fine. So how much would Liposuction cost just for one area (love handles)? I know outside of NYC might be cheaper. I am willing to travel to a near state. The picture of me is 18 lbs ago. But those love handles are still there. Slightly less. Just a little idea.

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$3500 for one area liposuction

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Thanks for the question, its interesting reading everyone's answer. I perform 6-10 liposuction cases a week in a minimally invasive fashion ( light sedation, energy based technology to melt the fat, gentle removal) given that I perform so many my staff and I have leveraged the experience to become more streamlined and cost efficient. For one area which would take about 45 minutes we charge about $3500

The Price Varies But Here's an Estimate

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Thank you for your question. The price of liposuction of the flanksĀ depends on your region and how much liposuction is being performed. In New York City, where I practice, I would say that the price will be approximately $5,000-$7,000. However, I would need to see you in the office to give you an actual price quote. Good luck!

Liposuction of the Flanks Pricing

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As a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-experienced in Liposuction and body contouring procedures, I believe that you would be a great candidate for liposuction of your abdomen and flanks (love handles and bra rolls).  I believe that if you addressed your flanks alone, that you would wish that you would have addressed your abdomen as well.  Prices for liposuction are variable but the average cost for liposuction in New York begins around $4,500 and can go up from there depending upon how many areas you would like to have treated and surgeon expertise and technique.  I would strongly recommend scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in liposuction and body sculpting procedures to discuss your concerns and determine what the best course of action is.  


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The cost of lower belly liposuction can vary depending on the surgeon, and how large an area you are treating. Here at plasticsurgeryoahu, you would be looking at anywhere from $2550-$4000. It is best to see a board certified surgeon for a consultation so that the exact cost of your treatment can be determined.

Kevin Dieffenbach, MD
Oahu Island Plastic Surgeon
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Average Cost of Liposuction for Love Handles in or Around NYC

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Thank you for ypur question. Cost vary from city to city I would recommend visiting a few Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and find one that you feel comfortable with. Cost Liposuction of the lower abdomen and flanks and lower back range from $5,000-$10,000 depending on where you live. Best wishes

Liposuction pricing

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I generally charge per area, with the first being $3500 then additional areas being $1500. However, pricing depends on the surgeon so please find a good surgeon first then consider the pricing. 

Compare costs very carefully

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Often it is not the best approach to find the cheapest plastic surgeon. Does the surgeon specialize in this procedure? What are their credentials? How long have they been in practice? What percentage of their practice is cosmetic surgery? How many of these surgeries have they performed? Do they use the latest techniques? What do their results look like? Do they have photos to show of their work? Do they provide follow-up themselves, or will you only see the nurses (or even just an assistant)? Are they available by phone for an emergency or does one of their staff answer after-hour calls? What is the impression you get from their office and staff? Are they professional and informative? Do they know what they are talking about? You need to ask yourself all of these questions.

The prices can vary from state to state, and city to city. We charge for liposuction per area. The abdomen (upper and lower side to side) is one area. The waist (from the ribs to just above the buttocks from side to side around the back) is one area. The thighs (both inner and outer) is one area. Our costs, including the board certified plastic surgeon's fees, board certified anesthesiologist's fees, operating room, labs, garment, vitamins, and follow-up at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months 6 months, and every year after forever, are listed below. If you need more follow-up appointments, those are free as well. The cost per area does go down as you add more areas:

One area: cost per area around $5000. Two areas: cost per area round $3200. Three areas: cost per area around $2500

When comparing quotes from different doctors, check to make sure that the costs you are quoted are for the same thing! For instance, often the cost per area is quoted as lower, yet the abdomen is comprised of upper and lower, and sometimes even lateral areas (2 to 4 areas for the abdomen, instead we consider the entire abdomen one area) or the thighs are inner and outer (2 areas when we consider the thighs one area). Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Also check to see what type of anesthesia and facility you are going to be treated in. If the total price is lower but you are not going to receive proper anesthesia from a board certified anesthesiologist, then are you getting a better deal (or inferior treatment)? If the facility is not a certified outpatient surgery center but is an in-office procedure room, is the difference in safety worth the cost reduction? If the doctor is not a board certified plastic surgeon, is that worth the discount in the fees? I would say the answer to all three of these questions is no!

This is your body, make sure you are making decisions based on the quality of care, the experience and training of the doctor, and proven results. Cost alone should not be the deciding factor.

Average Cost of Liposuction for Love Handles in or Around NYC

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The cost of liposuction like other procedure vary considerably across the country and even in the same area depending on the cost structure. More expensive cities such as New York or Los Angeles, or areas with fewer board certified plastic surgeons may be more expensive than South Florida. Our liposuction price starts at $2800 + MD Anesthesia.

For the highest standards and cost containment, consult with experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons who own their own nationally accredited surgery center.

The surgeon must maintain the highest standards to maintain national accreditation, has significant interest in ensuring that all the staff are the highest quality and trained in the specifics of each plastic surgery procedure, ensures that the facility is comfortable and private so patients are more inclined to recommend friends and family, and maintain the most cost effective structure possible which eliminates waste.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Top Liposuction in Los Angeles

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I would opt for an excellent plastic surgeon who can perform a meticulous liposuction procedure.  Opt for a board certified plastic surgeon, qualified staff, and a board certified anesthesiologist. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Pricing for liposuction

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There is a range of lipsuction fees from $3500 to $5000 or more, per area. Although you indicate that you are only interested in your love handles, you would need a consultation to evaluate your history and physical exam. Some facts may become evident during your consultation that might indicate you are at greater risk of complications. You may be asked to stop a medication that you currently take which itnterferes with the local anesthetic. Photographs will be taken and you may see that the love handles wrap around the back and more needs to be treated there, or you may also want your outer thighs done after the love handles are retreated. A definitive fee will be reached upon the conclusion of the consultation.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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