How Long Does Redness Last After Laser Resurfacing on Top Lip Area?

How long does the noticeable redness on the top lip last after laser resurfacing using Erbium lasers?

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Redness after Erbium laser resurfacing

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Redness of the top lip after Erbium laser resurfacing usually will last from 5-14 days. Some other factors such as skin health, color, and depth of lasering can vary this time frame. You should be on some form of fever blister protection such as Valtrex and a light healing ointment such as Aquaphor. The shower is also great to soak off the dead skin from the area. Keep the lasered area out of the sun as this will also create more redness.

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Post erbium laser treatment

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The bright redness usually turns to pink in a few to several weeks, but the pink blush or very light redness can persist for many months to a year or more. There are separate non-invasive lasers that can reduce redness with minimal to no down time, such as the V-beam laser. Sunblock is important to minimize ultraviolet’s redness-potentiating effect.

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Redness after Lasers

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The length of time most patients experience redness after laser resurfacing depends upon which laser is used. In general, one to seven days is average. If the skin is red, some sort of moisturizing cream is recommended. This can be anything from very inexpensive Vaseline products to the fanciest of moisturizers from Bergdorf, just so long as it has a moisturizing quality.

David Goldberg, MD
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