Can Laser Liposuction Help with Stretch Marks?

I have stretch marks on my abdomen but would like to get laser liposuction instead of a tummy tuck. Will it help my stretch marks become less visible?

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Treatment of stretch marks with liposuction

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I have tried so many different treatments including different lasers for stretch marks including Fraxel, microdermabrasion, smoothbeam, Retin A cream, etc. The early red stretch marks are made less apparent by treating the red color wtih the V-beam laser. This takes multiple treatments. The mature stretch marks have a white thin surface with a loss of dermis below. I have not been able to reproducibly obtain significant improvement with the appearance of these mature scars. I have not heard that liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction truly improves mature stretch marks.

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Stretch marks

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 Unfortunately there is nothing on the market that I know of that can treat stretch marks adequately.  Laser liposuction is primarily good to suction fat and may have a mild effect on the skin to tighten it. This will do nothing for stretch marks.

No it does not!

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 Unfortunately, there is very little to help these scars that are in the skin. Some will get improvement with macrodermabrasion if done by an experienced aesthetician. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Stretch marks

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The only way to remove stretch marks is to remove the skin that has the stretch marks in them There is no other way to remove them. You can sometimes make them look less prominent by using a laser that reduces the color of the stretch marks.

Laser liposuction will not help stretch marks

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Laser liposuction will certainly not help your stretch marks and has the very real possibility of worsening them. Stretch marks are signs of irreversible skin injury. Laser liposuction, or any other form of liposuction removes fat preferentially. With skin that isn't injured, some tightening of the skin usually happens to allow a pleasing contour to develop. When stretch marks are present, the skin has lost its elastic properties, and therefore cannot re-drape. The overhanging skin typically worsens in appearance.

Don't waste your money on laser liposuction, or any other form of liposuction. You may not want a tummy tuck, but it's really the only thing which will help.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Stretch marks can't be cured by liposuction

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 If you suction out the fat plumping up your stretch marks, they will become MORE visible rather than less.  You need a tummy tuck to remove as many as possible.  A stretch mark is like a tomato splitting on a flame, the damage can't be repaired with lasers, creams, and especially not liposuction.

Can laser liposuction help with stretch marks?

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Stretch Marks is a misnomer. It is not a mark (like the one a Sharpie pen makes) it is actually a full thickness crack in the skin (dermis) which is caused by a rapid stretching of skin.

Although the crack initially fills with both scar tissue (collagen) and blood vessels (giving it the red/ purple color), as the stretch mark matures, it has less blood vessels and the color NATURALLY becomes silvery white.

Liposuction is the removal of fat from under the scan. To do so relatively bloodlessly, we ALL perform TUMESCENT Liposuction; the fat is infiltrated with a dilute solution of a local anesthetic mixed with Adrenaline (Epinephrine) which swell (Tumesces) the fat allowing an easier and bloodless suction. (NOTHING revolutionary here - it has been done this way for over 20 years).

IF prior to vacuuming the tumesced fat out, your surgeons wants to bust the fat with ultrasound waves, that would be Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) the most famous of which is VASER LIPOSELECTION (which I like doing for multiple reasons.

If prior to vacuuming the tumesced fat your surgeon heats and cooks the fat with a laser fiber, that would be Laser Liposuction. Several such machines exist - each making different claims.

In either case, cooking the fat under skin, normal or cracked with stretch marks, is PHYSICALLY UNABLE to magically remove those cracks - just like vacuuming over broken kitchen floor tiles has no chance of magically fixing the tiles!

The only way to remove stretch marks is by doing a tummy tuck.

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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