Invisalign Results Depend on Competence of Provider?

Am I correct in assuming that your Invisalign results are only as good as the provider giving the service? Should the dental assistant be the one bonding the attachments and monitoring the case? This happened to a friend of mine and now I am concerned about finding the right dentist.

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Invisalign treatment dictated by doctor; team is very important

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Absolutely the doctor is extremely important in the success of your treatment with Invisalign. They are they ones who map out your treatment and determine why, when, and how your teeth move, and whether there are buttons, elastics, TADs, required to move your teeth.

In most busy orthodontic offices, you will not find the doctor doing all of the procedures and they do not have to. They are basically the "quarterback" of the treatment, and make sure that it is running smoothly. Therefore, it is important that there is a well-trained team that can help support you during your treatment as well.

You should see the doctor every visit, however, to verify that treatment is running as planned.

Good luck!

Toronto Orthodontist


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Orthodontists receive an additional 2-3 years of education after dental school (during their residencies). They were also in the top 5-10% of their dental school classes. After that every patient that walks in the door is an orthodontic patient compared to the general dentist who sees a variety of patients. So there is a "huge" difference in training and experience between a university trained orthodontic specialist and a general dentist.

Dr Gay Kloberdanz, Orthodontist

Greeley, CO

Gary Kloberdanz, DDS, MS
Greeley Orthodontist

Invisalign results DO depend on Doctor's treatment and patient compliance!

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Invisalign results depend on a few factors:

1. Doctor's experience with Invisalign software and setting up the case for the best results and knowing what movements are possible with invisalign, what attachments to use, etc. and sharing this realistic expectation with the patient.

2. Careful monitoring of the patients aligners to ensure that they are tracking right and that all movements are on track, as well as knowing what to do when they are not on track.

3. PATIENT COMPLIANCE and checking in with the patient to encourage invisalign wear so that the best result can be achieved.

Having a doctor who is confident and comfortable with the Invisalign system and who will monitor your case throughout treatment is essential for case success in a timely manner!

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

Invisalign results depend on the provider experience with the software

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The fee is for the proper treatment planning and monitoring effects of the aligners. The clincheck sometimes shows movements that don't happen, and an experienced provider will be able to resubmit the case until they feel that what is proposed is what will happen, although it is still guesswork.

Much of the recare visits can be delegated, so bonding of attachments and changing aligners do not always include doctor participation. There are SOME things that must be done by the doctor, but not everything.

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