Invisalign Price: Fee Before Dental Office Costs Are Added?

How much is the actual Invisalign fee without costs added in by the dental office?

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Invisalign fee

Every Dental Procedure fee is based on the lab fee plus the cost of dental office which is the biggest overhead. The cost of Invisalign based on appointments and chair time is varied and is between $3500 to $7000.

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Cost vary

Since the cost from Align for each case can vary so much your answer can best be addressed by a free visit to an Orthodontist. To give an answer on Internet is like giving a haircut over the phone.

The basic cost to the Orthodontist depends upon the severity of the case and how many cases the Orthodontist treats annually. 

It seems the motivation behind the question is to know the cost to the Orthodontist so one would be able to negotiate the price.

One Orthodontist might be satisfied with less treatment thereby lowering his fees. Another Orthodontist might treat a lot of cases thereby possibly lowering his fees. There are so many variables to determine fees it comes down to going to an Orthodontist you trust.

Gilbert H. Snow, DDS
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Re: Invisalign fee before Dental office Costs are added

To be really truthful....if  I could correct your problem with  beautiful porcelain veneers, financially it would be more beneficial to the dental practice than an invisalign case.....veneers take maybe two to three visits tops and you will pay around $1100 per veneer. Now if the best solution  to your problem is invisalign, i then would say the lab fee runs $1800 and the records cost is $500. That is off the top of the $4,500 you would be paying for a full case.  Then you will be seen by the dentist and given a new set of aligners once a month for 12 months. It takes around a year for a full invisalign case.. So the dentist , up front is out $2,300. Much less profit with invisalign than other procedures.  Again you are not looking for a commodity, you are looking for a professional service provided by a dentist that ist rained in doing this procedure.  It is your body and your mouth!  Be careful !  Cheapest is not always the best and do your due diligence and go to yelp and look up patient reviews on this procedure and dentist.

Robert Fields, DDS
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Not really a fair question

When you go to buy a car, you aren't asking the dealer how much the car company paid for the metal, the engine block, the leather, etc.

Although it is not a huge secret, if you are trying to negotiate a price with the treating dentist, you may think that the lab fee is the only cost involved. You need to realize that continuing education, materials, employees, all make up part of the question. Anyone who has done Invisalign knows it is not always as simple as giving the patient the tray to wear, and I would be leary of any dentist who offers a substantial discount because their lab fee is only $899 or $1699, for example.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
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Invisalign cost

The great thing about Invisalign being such a familiar name is that many people know about it and are asking about it. The bad thing is that Invisalign is now often thought of as a commodity and people think that all Invisalign treatment and Invisalign dentists are the same. The lab cost for Invisalign does differ from dentist to dentist and is usually not the only basis for the dentist's fee. It's in your best interest to choose a dentist based on experience, number of cases treated, post-graduate training, etc., rather than just on cost.

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
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Invisalign fees

If you go for a heart transplant do you ask the surgeon how much does the heart hardware cost? We don't answer these types of questions in the medical and dental fields cause they are irrelevant to the treatment. Dentists and orthodontists have the highest over head costs of any of the professions, that's why a crown costs $1500 dollars. You're paying for our knowledge and skills and the fact we went to 10 years of school to become professionals so we could offer you treatment.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
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Invisalign Lab Cost

Do you mean the lab fee? I'm curious to know why you would not consider the cost of materials (impression materials, equipment and instrumentation needed to make records), hourly/salary pay for team needed to care for patient, rent, etc. These are not costs added in. These are actual out-of-pocket costs that your dentist pays out of his or her wallet every day. So, if you take out the 'doctor time' or the doctor's fee, you're looking at an out-of-pocket cost range of $4000 to $6500 depending on where you are in the country. The lab fee (plus shipping plus certification and continuing education cost) from Invisalign is approximately $2000-$3000 of that total out-of-pocket cost.

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
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Invisalign Fee

Dear Enquirer, As you can see dentists do not charge just for the product, but also the technology, planning, risk and happiness behind every Invisalign case.

how much is a car to make before you as a consumer buy it?

Invisalign is a premium product that uitilses Cad/Cam technology to design your treatment and your aligners.

You are paying for research and development, the experience and skills of the doctor and the running costs of the surgery and materials.

We charge $6400 for a comprehensive full mouth orthodontic treatment using Invisalign. Our time is based on possibly treating a patient for up to 18-24 months.

So how long is a piece of string?

Raj Kumar, BDS, LDSRCS
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