What is Fraxel Dual?

What is the Difference Between Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Restore Dual?

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What is fraxel dual

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Fraxel dual is a non-ablative fractional thulium laser. This is one of 3 Fraxel lasers. Fraxel restore is a non-ablative fractional erbium doped laser and Fraxel repair is a fractional carbon dioxide laser. Fraxel repair will go the deepest into your skin and has wounding that requires downtime. Fraxel retsore targets more superficially iin your skin for fine lines, tone and texture and usually requires a series of treatments for rejuvenation with a few days of mild downtime; redness, little swelling and sandpaper like pepper dots on your skin. Fraxel dual is a bit in-between these 2 lasers. The downtime can be just a bit longer than Restore and the healing process is similar. It targets more the pigmentary and precancerous spots in your skin. This treatment too usually requires a few treatments depending on your specific needs and goals

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Fraxel Dual Laser for facial pigmentation

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Solta, the company that makes Fraxel, has now made a two-in-one laser. The former Fraxel Re:store, good for fine lines, texture and dyschromia, is joined by a separate wavelenght, a 1927nm. specifically targeted in peeling away brown discoloration. Unlike the Re:store, there is definite down time for several days, looking unsightly before improvement occurs. This has just been offered on the market for physicians so there is minimal clinical information about its effectiveness and safety.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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How does Fraxel Re:store compare to Fraxel:restore Dual?

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Fraxel Re:store can fall short in removing pigmentary problems such in patients with Melasma. The Dual addresses this by adding a second laser with a wavelength of 1927nm. This second laser is used at the same time as the Fraxel Re:store to better address the pigmentary problems.

A way around this potential problem with Fraxel Re:store is to combine it with Nd:YAG laser or IPL photo facials or vascular lasers such KTP laser. These lasers are used just prior to the Fraxel treatment. By combining these two laser modalities similar effects as with combining the Fraxel Re:store Dual laser can be accomplished. The Fraxel Dual laser is pending FDA approval and its true value has yet to be determined pending more clinical experience.

Ran Y. Rubinstein, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What is the difference between Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Restore Dual?

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Hi Sea,

Fraxel restore is the original Fraxel laser product, a fractionated Erbium laser that works at 1550 nanometer wavelength. It is non-ablative, heats the skin in pixilated columns that results in collagen stimulation over time, resulting in improvement of fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, and improvement in skin pigmentation (as well as tone and texture). The older Fraxel restore required a series of treatments (4-6) separated by about 2 to 3 weeks. The Dual's 1550 has been modified to be faster, more effective, and more comfortable than the prior Fraxel re:store laser. Usually patients will require 3 instead of 4 treatments with this laser as compared to the previous version. It is also effective for the treatment of acne, traumatic, and surgical scars.

Fraxel Dual laser adds another laser to the restore laser. The new wavelength is 1927 nanometers; it is a Thulium laser (say that a few times in a row). 1927nm is very specific and effective at treating brown pigment including sun damage lentigines (sun spots), aging spots, and studies are being conducted for the treatment of melasma. In a single treatment, remarkable clearance of pigment occurs within 7 to 10 days. The treatment is very tolerable, either with or without numbing cream. The face as well as the entire body can be treated. Unlike IPL treatments, usually 1 to 2 treatments are all that are necessary for fresh rosy skin.

Patients also like the comfort, quickness, and uniform application of the laser.
Solta, the company that makes Fraxel, will not be offering stand alone Fraxel restore units. They will only be selling the "Fraxel restore Dual". Another advantage of the Dual is that the two laser treatments can be combined at the same treatment session for those patients who desire a deeper treatment for collagen stimulation along with eradication of brown spots.

We believe that Fraxel restore Dual will be a very popular treatment, especially here in California. Many of the first patients treated have been actresses, treating their face, chest, and hands. Patients are extremely happy and excited with their fresh new skin. The big question is how long will the results last? That will depend on the individual patient, their sun protection habits (including clothing, hats, physical sun block, etc.), and in melasma patients their hormone levels (which should be normal at the time of treatment).

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 36 reviews

Fraxel Dual is 2 lasers in one treatment

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Fraxel introduced the Dual about 1-2 months ago. I combines a 1927nm laser with an upgraded version of the 1550nm (re:store) laser. The 1927 laser is a superficial laser that is brand new to the aesthetics market. It is somewhat a blend of non ablative and ablative technology -- referred by the company as "disruptive" to the skin. It removes pigment better than any laser I've encountered, in usually 2 treatments. It is relatively quick (10-12 minutes for the face) and fairly comfortable to have done. It will cause the skin to darken over the first 3 days and then peel. There is no wound care. Social downtime for about 3 days.

It is often combined with the 1550nm laser to give both a deep and a superficial treatment. When done with the 1550, there is slightly more swelling and redness. The 1550 has more discomfort. The Dual's 1550 has been modified to be faster, more effective, and more comfortable (has integrated cooling) than the prior Fraxel re:store laser. Usually you will require 3 instead of 4 treatments with this laser as compared to the previous version. My experience with this laser has been very good. The satisfaction of my clients is high.


Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 53 reviews

Fraxel Restore is part of Fraxel Dual

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The Fraxel Restore Dual is a two-in-one laser that combines the original Restore erbium laser with a second thulium laser. The erbium laser is great for treating fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, and acne scars, while the thulium laser is better suited for reducing brown pigmentation, such as sun damage and brown spots. With Fraxel Restore Dual, more skin concerns can be treated with a single device. 

Karen Beasley, MD
Baltimore Dermatologic Surgeon
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Why I love Fraxel Dual-great for pigmentation

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I agree with the comments made distinguishing the Fraxel lasers.  I love Fraxel Dual for pigmentation and for freshening sun-damaged skin. Although there is definite redness and swelling on days 1 and 2, then on day day 3 the skin appears brown like your skin has been "overly tanned," then starts to flake off in small flakes day 4, 5 and 6. The results are soft, more even skin even after one treatment but you can definitely do more.  I like the results that I have seen with the 1927nm, Fraxel Dual.  You can still use the 1550 wave length to work on scarring and deeper wrinkles to continue the treatment process.

Brenda Dintiman, MD
Fairfax Dermatologic Surgeon

Fraxel Dual Addresses Brown better

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Fraxel Dual can do what the original Fraxel Re:store could do, but it has an additional wavelength that is designed to more effectively target pigment (brown). This means I can still treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and textural changes of the skin (like the Re: store), but now I can target brown spots with more precision.


Whitney Bowe, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Combo Fraxel

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Fraxel machines include one that helps with pigmentation and one that helps collagen problems such as fine lines, pores, scars etc.

You can always do both or the one you think you need. Keep in mind that if you have melisma or are of ethnic skin, you really need to choose carefully as it can be associated with discoloration.

Good luck!

Tanya Kormeili, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologist

Fraxel dual benefits over Fraxel restore

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Both the Fraxel dual and the Fraxel restore offer a deeply penetrating non-ablative fractionated wavelength. The dual also has an additional wavelength, 1927, which is more superficial and treats pigmentbas well as superficial fine lines. It is also FDA approved to treat the precancerous lesions actinic keratoses. The dual can be used just to treat deeper fine lines and wrinkles, just the superficial pigment, or both at the same time. It offers the ability to customize a treatment to the individuals need. 

Meg Cherry, MD
Birmingham Dermatologic Surgeon

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