Recommended Fraxel Laser for Pores, Acne Scars and Wrinkles?

If I have acne pit scarring and enlarged pores and small wrinkles. If I have acne pit scarring and enlarged pores and small wrinkles under the eyes. Which of the three Fraxel Laser treatments and machine is best recommended for me?

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Acne pitted scarring, punch grafts and fraxel laser treatment

Although depressed acne scars with shallow sloping borders respond well to Fraxel laser, some narrow deep ice-pick scars respond better to punch grafts. The scar is cored out surgically with a tiny instrument called a punch and then a tiny piece of skin, usually removed from behind your ear so it's not visible to others, is used to plug the hole. The new skin acts like a graft and then it can be resurfaced by dermabrasion or Fractional laser such as Fraxel. Some ice-pick scars can be treated by multiple sessions of strong acid such as TCA (trichloroacetic acid) applied carefully by the physician to the base of the scar which helps it heal more elevated and repeated until the surface comes close to the surface. Then the scar can be resurfaced. Punch grafts are usually not done on the eyelids, lower or upper. Fraxel may quite effective, though, for some patients without the punch grafts. Please realize that no treatment can remove all the wrinkles or scars.

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I like the fractional CO2 results best (if you can do downtime of 1 week) because you get so much improvement with just one treatment, often more that 5 Restore sessions will provide. restore is for those patient enough to wait the months it takes to get several sessions, but they can only do minor downtime.

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