What Do the Numbers in Fraxel Restore Treatment Mean?

I had fraxel restore done and the technician said the highest it goes is 20. She had me on 18 and 8.... what does that mean?

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Fraxel Restore Levels

Fraxel Restore is capable of going up to 70 mj so the treatment you received may have been with the Fraxel refine. The mj setting is related to the energy used and you set it according to how deeply you want the laser heat to penetrate into the skin. The level refers to the percentage of the skin that is treated. With that said, 18mj is about 700 microns and level 8 treats 23% of the skin.

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Fraxel Restore

Lower energy levels of Fraxel are designed for more superficial treatment of coloration changes and superficial texture. Deeper treatments effect better results for fine lines and acne scars and severe photodamage. Reliant, now Solta, the company that manufacturers the Fraxel has three models and the aesthetician models do not go very deep. It is possible that the energy settings you have are fine but see an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon to determine what is best for you.

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Fraxel restore (or is it refine?) Laser Settings; What Do They Mean?

Hi Gengen,

If the highest setting on the Fraxel is 20 mj then it is a Fraxel refine, not restore (restore energy goes up to 70 mj). The mj setting is the energy and relates to the depth of penetration of the laser heat into the skin. The higher the setting, the deeper the treatment. At 18 mj, the depth of treatment is about 700 microns (0.70mm).

The level 8 refers to the percentage of skin that is treated. At level 8, about 23% of the skin is treated.

Be well and enjoy your results.

Dr. P

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Restore goes to 70mj

Are you sure you are getting Fraxel Restore? The energy levels go up to 70mj, which is usually used for more severe aging or scarring. Talk to the doctor about this, not a technician.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
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