What's the Cost of Invisalign Replacement Tray?

If I lose a pair of trays while in the Invisalign adult program, how much does a replacement usually run?

I know replacements are included in Invisalign Teen, but haven't been able to find any information whatsoever about adult tray replacements.

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It will vary

Even Invisalign Teen has a limit to how many free trays they will give before they start charging.  Many offices will replace the first lost set but charge after that, usually 100 each (200 per set).

If you feel you are prone to losing them, don't do Invisalign.  Frustration will be felt by everyone.

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Cost is going to depend on your doctor

Amongst several orthodontists I know, the average cost for replacing a single aligner is about $100.  Therefore, a set of aligners will generally run about $200.  You'll have to check with your provider to ask them about their particular cost for another set.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
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It will depend on the specific office that you are treated at

It will depend on the specific office that you are treated at. Every office will have a different protocol for replacing aligners. Some require a fee to replace trays and some do not.

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