Can a Deviated Septum Cause Persistent Throat Infections?

Can the persistent throat infections be result of deviated septum? Do I need a septoplasty?

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Deviated Septum and Throat Irritation

In my experience I have seen plenty of patients who present with a chronically dry, irritated throat as a result of having a deviated septum. If you can't breathe thru your nose properly, you are going to breathe thru your mouth more often just by default. This can lead to more mouth breathing at night, which can itself lead to more of a drying effect. This can cause you to have irritation in your throat when you wake up. It shouldn't be causing an actual infection. Make sure you get evaluated properly by someone versed in both ENT and facial plastic surgery.

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Can a deviatied septum cause sore throats?

Yes it can. How? If the deviated septum causes mouth breathing cause the nose is too blocked, then people can develop a dry sore throat. This is particularly common during the night.

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Nasal septal deviations are an uncommon cause of throat irritation

Hi Suzi baby,

The nasal septum is a midline structure in the nose composed of bone and cartilage. It can become crooked (hence term "deviated nasal septum" aka DNS) from trauma (many times not noted by the person) or a person can be born with this condition. The nose and paranasal structures are complex and on each side of the nose are the openings to the sinuses. If these sinus openings become blocked, increased mucus or pus can be formed and this may irritate the throat. However, an isolated septal deviaton is not commonly the cause of a persistent sore throat.

I recommend a visit to a specialist with knowledge about nasal disorders such as a Facial Plastic Surgeon or an Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon for a complete evaluaton and management.

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Deviated septum and throat infections

Suzi baby,

Deviated septum is very common. Estimates of 80% of all adults have a deviated septum. Not everyone with a deviated septum is symptomatic or requires a septoplasty though.

It is unlikely that deviated septum causes persistent throat infections. Deviated septum and nasal congestion may contribute to throat irritation, but it is not a major contributing factor.

Speak to a head and neck specialist to evaluate your symptoms first.

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