Breast Lift Without Surgery?

I want my breasts to be a little more lifted but I'm in no way ready for all the scars associated with full on breast lift surgery. Is it possible to get a breast lift without surgery, like with a skin tightening laser (Titan?) or something?

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Breast Lift Without Surgery

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A breast lift is required when the breast skin stretches so much that the nipple areolar complex is below the inframammary fold or the crease below the breasts. At this time there is no technology, other than surgery, that could tighten the skin so much that the nipple areolar complex is returned to it appropriate position. So unfortunately if you what the lift you'll have to accept the scars.

Can breasts be "lifted" without surgery?

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NO. A"lift " entails raising the nipple/areola complex back to it's original anatomic position and refoming the breast mound by taking in the breast skin (skin bra) in a three dimensional manner.

Lasers ,suction drugs.exercises can not do this. Se my site for other replys to similar questions and pix.

Barry H. Dolich, MD (Retired)
Bronx Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift without surgery

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The best option if you really don't want to undergo surgery is to make an investment in excellent undergarments. See a qualified bra fitter. You would be amazed at the outcome you can find when the proper bra is selected and worn properly. Good luck.

Breast lift without surgery?

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Diet and exercise will certainly have some impact on the overall size of your breasts if you have a large amount of fatty tissue within your breasts currently. While seemingly benign and the prospect for exciting and remarkable results, pills and creams for reduction of breast size are not adequately regulated and without good research to show its safety and efficacy, let alone its results.

Breast reduction via surgical excision or liposuction would be the best method for reducing the size of your breasts. Results are excellent with minimal complications. Women tolerate this procedure very well and almost all are very happy with her results. It is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery today. I would recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and to assist you in determining if breast reduction is right for you. Best of luck! Hope that these answers help you!

Breast Lift

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It would be great if there were some kind of exercise, magic wand or cream that could perk up the breasts. From the surgical standpoint, the best option for lifting the breasts is either a breast augmentation and/or a breast lift. Sometime a combination of the two procedures will provide the best results possible.

Joshua Kreithen, M.D.
Sarasota, FL

Breast Lift Without Surgery

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Thank you so much for your question.

Non-operative techniques to lift the breasts are typically viewed as quite subtle. For visible and immediate results a surgical breast lift will provide the most optimal results. It will also rejuvenate the appearance, as well.

When skin is stretched creating redundant skin, it cannot be returned to its natural position without the help of surgical intervention.   

A consultation with a board certified surgeon will help determine what type of breast lift will be better for a patient since there are variations.

I hope this helps.  

Not effective

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You can try skin tightening technologies but you would probably only be able to achieve a minor lift since there's a lot of tissue that needs to be tightened in order to get a noticeable lift. It's more effective to get surgery, or to wear a bra.

Breast lift with minimal scarring

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Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments tend to be unpredictable and may take several sessions to achieve visible results. You can try, but so far none have been as effective as breast lift surgery. Talk to an experienced board certified plastic surgeon about the periareolar ("donut" or Benelli) technique. The periareolar ("donut" or Benelli) technique is suitable for the treatment of mild to moderate ptosis (classified as grade I or II). It is also the least invasive form of breast lift. You may find that you won't be able to achieve the results you want with this technique.

Breast lift without surgery?

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It is unlikely that you will be able to lift your breasts without surgery.  Aside from breast lift surgery, fat grafts or implants would be small incision options for lifting some breasts.

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lifting without surgery

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The equation for droop is too much skin, not enough breast tissue. This is treated with an implant, and/or taking away skin, (Mastopexy). Exercises, pills, creams, meditation, etc; will not correct the anatomical abnormality. Best to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He/she will evaluate your situation. Together you will come up with an appropriate plan for you. 

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