How Much Does Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Houston, TX?

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What is the cost of a brazilian butt lift surgery

The cost of a Brazilian Butt lift can be extremely variable.  It is usually dependent on the number of areas where liposuction needs to be performed.  Beware of very low prices that are too good to be true, do some research on the surgeons first.

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How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost?

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The costs will vary, with the number of areas being suctioned and the time it takes to do the surgery, as well as the reputation and experience of the surgeon and the geographic area you live in (in other words, things are more expensive in some parts of the country than in others...).

I would also caution you that, especially with regard to procedures that are as dependent on technique as the BBL is, you should not choose a surgeon based on cost, but based on their ability to keep you safe and achieve the goals you have for your appearance.

You can read more about how to choose a surgeon here:

How Much Does Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Houston, TX?

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The price of the procedure could change from state to state, Example here in Miami a Brazilian Butt Lift with 12 areas of liposuction starts at $4500. Seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 

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The cost for a Brazilian Butt lift


A Brazilian Butt lift is a procedure plastic surgery that is extremely technique and certain dependent. For the best results is very important to work with a plastic surgeon that has a great deal of experience with this surgery.

In our practice we do a great deal of butt contouring and have many patients that travel to Miami from out of town for their procedure. Many of these patients begin the process by scheduling I consult. This is a virtual consultation where we will connect your computer to our practice computer through an encrypted network. During the visit, you will be able to see your own photographs transform. This will give you an idea of what you could possibly expect after the surgery. This is then an essential communication tool that allows us to understand our patients goals and give them realistic expectations. Afterwards, our out-of-town patients arrive to Miami the day before the surgery for their real in person consultation. They then receive the surgery and recover in beautiful South Florida. Afterwards are patients are encouraged to initiate an exercise regimen and a healthy balanced diet. This will only accentuate and flattering your new curves.

For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or butt augmentation, please schedule an iConsult or visit us online at the link below:

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Brazilian Buttock Enhancement

Buttock enhancement can be achieved in several surgical procedures.

Brazilian Butt Lift involves removing fat from other areas of the body, processing that fat anf then transfering the pure fat and possible stem cells to the buttocks. To enhance the shape of the buttocks, one must remove fat at the flanks and illiac crest area. Also if too much fat is present in the upper part of the posterior fat, that fat must be removed for superior shaping of the buttock. The total cost can range from $12k to $20k.

other methods available is Buttock Implants for those who do not have enough fat to transfer.

There is also a new method of dermis fat graft to the buttock

The most important aspect of choosing your BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON is the experience and your level of confidence in your surgeon and his/her qualifications. Not the cost, though cost is also important.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Houston, TX

Plastic Surgery pricing vary considerably depending on the geographic area and the expertise of the surgeon. Our cost for Brazilian Butt Lift starts at $4500 + MD Anesthesia related costs but will vary depending on the amount of fat to be removed, the quality of fat to be processed, and the amount of fat desired to be injected back into the buttocks. The costs in South Florida tend to be less than more expensive cities such as New York, Los Angeles, or Houston.

Since we own our AAAASF nationally accredited facility, we can ensure that key staff is maintained (more than 15 years), strong relationships with our MD Anesthesiologist (also more than 15 years), and eliminate wasted costs. This allows the safest and most comfortable environment for our patients, and the best possible value.

Consult with 3- 4 board certified plastic surgeons to explore your options.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift is so popular because it enables your plastic surgeon to transform your entire shape. Liposuction is performed over several areas depending on the individual patient needs, but typically of the flanks, abdomen and back.

It is important to have several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons. Also make sure that your surgery is being performed in an accredited surgery center or hospital.

It is important to ask the right questions during your consultation:

  • 1.Is your surgeon a board certified plastic surgeon?
    • a.Be sure he or she is a plastic surgeon, there are a lot surgeons that are cosmetic surgeons or board certified in other fields other than plastic surgery. They do not do the same training as a plastic surgeon.
    • b.You can check the American Board of Plastic Surgery website for a list of plastic surgeons in your area.
  • 2.Does your surgeon commonly perform this procedure?
    • a.Ask to see before and after pictures or look online for reviews on the procedure.
  • 3.Where is the surgery performed
    • a.Is the procedure performed in an accredited surgery center or hospital?
  • 4.Who performs the anesthesia for the procedure?
    • a.Is an anesthesiologist performing the anesthesia?

Brazilian Butt Lift Costs and Considerations

With celebrities such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian garnering as much media attention for their derrières as for their latest projects, it comes as no surprise that more and more women are turning to me for surgical options for creating a shapely and lifted butt when squats alone don’t work. As mentioned by my fellow board-certified plastic surgeons, it is absolutely necessary to set up a consultation in order to get a quote for this procedure because its price is dependent on so many variables, including: the amount of fat needed to be harvested, the number of areas that require suctioning in order to deliver a balanced proportion and figure, and the amount of time needed for the OR and anesthesia.

As the responses from other doctors highlight, there is a strong caveat that, when choosing to undergo the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure (or any cosmetic surgery for that matter), it is crucial that you select an experienced board-certified surgeon who will deliver the safe and satisfying results you deserve rather than making your choice based on price. The primary focus of your consultation should be on answering any and all of your procedure-related questions, including those about expected outcomes, options available to meet your desired results, and potential risks and considerations for surgery. Then, when discussing costs, you may wish to address the following questions in order to fully understand the costs involved for your procedure:
  • Does my quote cover surgeon, hospital and anesthesia fees?
  • Are my pre-op, post-op, and follow-up visits included in this quote?
  • Are there any additional fees for lab work and prescriptions? If so, what expenses are involved?
  • Are any of the garments needed included in the quote? If not, what costs should I expect to pay?
  • If choosing to finance the procedure through payment options such as CareCredit, are there any fees that the financing plan does not cover?

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