I had the fractional laser resurfacing about 3 weeks ago. My skin is extremely dry.

I've had this treatment before and I understand the process but I need to know a specific name or kind of moisturizer to use under my makeup. Most of the redness is gone but it is extremely flaky

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Skin moisturization after laser resurfacing - Hydrate + Protect Mini Kit

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We do a large # of laser resurfacing procedures in our office and routinely advocate proper moisturization with Opti-Ceramide creams and the product we recommend, Elevase Moisture Booster, both hydrates and provides deep moisturization of the skin. It is a non oily, non-comedogenic Opti-Ceramide cream and you can get information about this product on the link below. We also recommend concurrent use of sun protection which has high antioxidant content. See the link below for the Hydrate + Protect Mini Kit. 

The new Phyto Corrective Masque from SkinCeuticals is excellent for your skin post-procedure.

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For patients in our office who have fractional, or any other type of laser treatment, we carry a wide variety of clinical skincare products. The new Phyto Corrective Masque from Skinceuticals is a good option to both calm inflammation and hydrate sensitive, post-procedure skin. Other options we might recommend are the NeoCutis BioCream, which would have the added benefit of a growth factor penetrating your healing skin, or the SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair. Check with your laser technician to see what they would recommend following your procedure.

Moisturizer after fractionated resurfacing

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There are many great moisturizers for post-laser care.  One of the better newer products is HA5 from SkinMedica, a hyaluronic acid product that provides excellent moisture and hyaluronic acid which is a building block of collagen.  Best wishes.

Jeffrey Ridha, MD
Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Dryness after fractional CO2

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Hi there,
It is very common to be dry after fractional CO2, because the laser targets dermal water.  Immediately post treatment, we have patients use emollients such as aquaphor or even coconut oil for the first several days post laser. 

You are now 3 weeks out, so any moisturizer such as Cerave pm, or moisturizers with hyaluronic acid in them would be helpful. 

Hope that helps and happy healing.

Raminder Saluja, MD
Huntersville Ophthalmologist
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