Will a 7lbs Weight Loss Affect Breast Uplift Results? (photo)

I had a breast uplift with an anchor incision just over a month ago & I'm ecstatic with the results. However, I have a few pounds that I would like to lose (about 7lbs) & I would also like to majorly tone up my body. Will this have an affect on my uplift results?

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Weight loss and breasts

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Breast tissue changes with pregnancy, weight gain/loss, etc.  A lot of factors affect breasts.  Some patients can lose four or five pounds and all of it is in their breasts.  Others can lose twenty or thirty pounds and none of it is in their breasts.  You know how your breasts respond to weight gain/loss better than anyone so you might be the best person to ask that question.

Weight loss and breast shape

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Usually a 7 lb weight loss should not impact your breast shape significantly. However, some patients do tend to loose more weight in their breasts with weight loss than others.

Changes to a breast lift with weight loss

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Every person reacts differently to weight loss and gain. If you have had fluctuations in weight in the past, you might have an idea if your breast volume is significantly affected by your overall weight. Most people will not have much change with only a 7 lb weight loss. I tell my patients that if they are planning on losing more than 20 lbs, it would be best to try to do so before a breast lift or reduction. I would encourage you to lose the weight. If there is any change to your breast, it likely will be a very modest loss of volume. 

7 lb Weight Loss After Breast Lift

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   A 7 lb weight loss after breast lift will not improve the tightness or lift, but it is unlikely to have a huge impact on breast shape and symmetry.

Weight Loss and Change in Breast Lift Results?

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Thank you for the question and picture. It seems like your plastic surgeon has  done a nice job for you.  I would suggest that you proceed with your planned weight loss;  is unlikely that a 7 pound weight loss will cause significant changes  of the breasts.  You should however expect your breast to change over the course of the next several months regardless, given that you had the procedure done relatively recently.

 Best wishes.

Will a 7lbs Weight Loss Affect Breast Uplift Results?

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Very hard to respond but I believe the weight loss will give a flattening effect to your breasts. Sorry. 

Weight Loss After Breast Lift

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Thank you for your photos.  I do not think a 7 lbs weight loss will not significantly affect your results.

Dr. ES

Breast Changes

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Weight loss does affect the appearance of breasts, how much things will change is unpredictable.  Since you are only 1 month out from surgery there will be changes to the breast with time and healing.  If losing weight is a healthy decision then you should continue to achieve your goal.  Best of luck.

Gary A. Tuma, MD, FACS
Princeton Plastic Surgeon

Weight loss and breast lifts

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I wouldn't worry about a 7lb weight loss making you lose substantial tone or volume in your lifted breasts.  It would generally take more than 20 pounds for that in my opinion.

Will a 7lbs Weight Loss Affect Breast Uplift Results

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Thanks for adding the photo. I strongly doubt that 7 pounds of weight loss will affect your breast volume based on this picture. If I am wrong, and this is difficult to predict, you can decide to gain the weight back, and it will go back to from where you lost it.   Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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