Is 68 Too Old to Expect Good Results from Sculptra?

I've had two treatments of Sculptra. Its been about a year since my first, the second was about 12 weeks later. Results are slightly noticeable. Would an additional treatment(s) continue to give me improved volume?

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Good results with Sculptra in patients over 65

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In my experience, I've had many good results in patients over 65 using Sculptra. Given the fact that more mature skin has less collagen at baseline due to sun, genetics and other enviornmental factors, more sculptra treatment sessions are usually necessary for older patients. Additionally, I have found that it takes slightly longer for older patients to respond to the product and begin producing collagen from the Sculptra. Sculptra is a nice product for volumizing the face, hence diminishing the lines in the cheeks and creating a lifting effect. Just remember that it will likey require more treatments (3-5) and take slightly longer to see results. Please make sure you have the treatment performed by an experienced Sculptra injector so you will get the best results possible.

68 is not too old to obtain results from Sculptra Therapy

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Hi and thank you for asking this question. We all know 60's are the new 50's and to answer your question, you are not at all too old for treatments of Sculptra Therapy! 

With the experience you have of the past year, it is evident you have started to see results, however very possible (likely) that you have not yet had enough product to see a more impressive production of collagen and ample volume restoration. Without photos or seeing you in person, I am of the belief you should have a 3rd session of Sculptra, and in that 3rd session, have 2 vials of product. 6 vials is a very common therapy recommendation. 

We very commonly see patients for 3 sessions, providing 2 vials at each session, scheduled at 6 week intervals. This allows patients to start seeing the results (usually noticable a few weeks following the 2nd treatment), and results are most appreciated soon after the 3rd treatment. Your body has had time to produce enough collagen at that point and the overall volume and visible changes are well on their way. It will continue to work weeks following the 3rd session.

You've started to see what Sculptra will do for you, I believe another session is beneficial. 

I hope this is helpful and encouraging feedback to your question.

68 is certainly not too old to attain the results.

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68 is certainly not too old to attain the results you are looking for from Sculptra. It sounds like you have seen some results from your Sculptra treatments but may need some additional treatments to see the full effects.

Older patients may require more treatment sessions, on average, that the younger patient due to increased volume loss, but with patience and repeated treatments, excellent results can be achieved.

Anil Sharma, MD
Edmonton Otolaryngologist


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68 is not too old to have Sculptra treatments.  However, the older you are you may require more treatment sessions to restore the volume loss at your age.

Sculptra at 68

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So I recommend serial Sculptra injections.  The older you are the more treatments you need to accomplish the volume loss at your age.  At your age, in our practice, you would get 3-5 Sculptra sessions however we need to see you to evaluate  the volume goal and determine a treatment plan.  Best Wishes!!

What Does Sculptra Do and How Does it Differ from Other Fillers

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Sculptra is a drug that stimulates collagen production by your body.  As opposed to hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero, Sculptra exerts its effect gradually.  It sometimes takes several sessions to build up sufficient volume to produce the desired aesthetic effect.  I typically use Sculptra as a complement to the hyaluronic acid fillers as I find that some parts of the face respond best to Sculptra while others respond most favorably to other products.

Brian Biesman, MD
Nashville Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Good results from Sculptra at almost any age

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 Sixty-eight is definitely not too old for Sculptra. It really is a question of volume. The more facial volume we lose - through age, dieting, active lifestyle, even disease - the more volume we would want to replenish. It sounds like you could use a little more.  The nice thing about Sculptra, is that it will build on what you have already had placed. 

Christopher J. Peers, MD
South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

Yes you would be a good candidate for Sculptra

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Hi. If you have seen results with your initial treatments then you should most likely see improvement with additional treatments.  Depending on the amount of volume loss, we recommend a series of three treatments about 4 to 6 weeks apart with typically two vials in the initial treatment.  Sculptra is one of our top injectable services with long lasting, natural results.  Hope you continue with your treatments for optimal results.

Thanks for your question and good luck to you.

Is age a factor for Sculptra results?

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Age is not an important factor in determining results with Sculptra. Sculptra is a stimulator of new collagen growth, and in my experience, patients of all ages will get noticeable improvement if enough Sculptra is put in the right places. I've seen excellent results in patients in their 60's and 70's.

Variables that can affect visible improvement with Sculptra include:

  • skin quality
  • thickness of the soft tissue under the skin
  • degree of facial bone loss 
  • degree of skin laxity
  • where the Sculptra is placed
  • recognizing if a facelift is necessary along with Sculptra
  • and other variables we probably still don't understand

 As with any procedure, experience of the physician matters. Accurately judging who is a good candidate and how to properly place the Sculptra for optimal results takes experience. 

Sculptra results

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Generally speaking, if you have had some improvement with Sculptra treatments, I would say that additional treatments should give you further improvement.  Two treatments would be the minimum that I would expect to give you any improvement.  It is likely that a third or even fourth treatment would give you a more significant result.  And your age alone should not determine if you have a good result from Sculptra.  Other factors, such as the thickness of your skin and amount of existing tissue under the skin are probably more important.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 18 reviews

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